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When performing to analyze the actual global system and its perspectives, our main point(s) should be personal and individual aspects of life meaning "individual is the most important". Don't think that those words mentioned means extreme version of selfishness. My aim for writing this article is to determine the importance of individual against to the importance and dominance of the society [or social culture].

No need to explain the importance of the individual since we all are individuals.

I think that individual culture and its creations are seized by the society with vulgar force. Social norms and laws are the most important parts of that vulgarism. So, nearly all individuals survive according to the social cultures. As a result it draws back the communal art, creations. At that moment I must stress on the communalism which means a community (or new society) with individuals who rules their own rules and principles for communal (or new social) happiness. At the end the result is to feel happy!! Social life means being together not trying to dominate each other. Dominator culture has been improved by the governments and dictator leaders. So when our main goal will reach its target and when all the governments collapse, dominator culture will fade away. But till that we have to find out new methods for resisting the global capitalist and dominator culture. It should be rising the individual against the social culture. Just opposite the socialism..


I have a little anecdote remaining in my brain.. Social culture regards the life as an eternal area of enjoyment which means “Life is just for pleasure…” As a result of this thesis people are believed that pain is bad. I want to say that pain and enjoyment are musts for life. None of them is better than another. Let’s correct it: “Life is for everything..”


Stupid idiom: “Society combines from the individuals!” My thesis is not proving it. But telling you all that "Society dominates us at all." At the same time society is the only power that all the systems need and [r]evaluate. Reason is simple; controlling the society is much more easier than controlling an individual. It's why all people who is regarded as a "great leader" are the masters who controlled and influenced people easily. "Big Brother" rules so. But, as the first step for creating our underground and freedom culture, we MUST be away from contemporary system. {But how? [this article won't be in search for answering this good and detailed question.]}

Let's focus on to the benefits of creating an original individual underground culture. In addition, creating a new and different construction of revaluated society whose aim is not dominating people but providing solidarity among the people isn’t so far. Remember Seattle and Washington festivals against the capitalism. According to me, underground culture is based on the moral principles, not monetary ones. So, the result is much more better than any of the other cultural constructions. But, nowadays underground culture is known just for musical productions. It must be improved, for example: underground theatre clubs, underground poem zines (advertisement: I have a poem zine out named BASAK. It is in Turkish language. (), underground books etc. Those life details are very important for creating an original and revolutionist life style. Daily routines (eating, drinking, transporting…) take most of our times. In addition, underground culture should combine all of them.


These extracts above were written just for helping to the brain storming of underground culture creations. Underground is based on to the communal creations and solidarity. So give us a hand…