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FIFTH REASON -psychotic-
Here comes a band from Sweden with their album dated '97. It's a bit old, but sound still exists. Heavy, melodic, feeling music with keyboard partitions. You see, Scadainavian guys do it greatly, like Fifth Reason. Their sound can be defined doomy, melodic death metal with clear male vocals. As most Scandinavian bands, Fifth Reason has amazing and charming melodies with hard riffes and a great amount of rage. At the same time, as an important point for me, band members play their best. sound is clear, even more than expected. No stupid riffs, unnecessary solos or attacks. And all of them make Fifth Reason more and more listenable. Fifth Reason: There's nothing more or less than a wonderful music. Line-up: Kristian Andren (vocals), Simon Johanson (guitars), Marco A. Nicosia (guitars), Oscar Tillman (bass), Martin Larsson (drums).
Callenish Circle was formed in 1992. And in '95 they recorded their debut demo titled LOVELORN. After releasing it, they appeared in some compilations. In '96 they recorded their debut album DRIFT OF EMPHATY. It has 9 tracks with a playing time of 50 minutes. In '97, first MCD ESCAPE was released. It has 4 songs. When it is listened to, it can be easily realized that, C.C. is one of the master of doom. Hard, brutal, melodic, emotional.. They use hard guitar riffs and drums as a death&black band, but the result is a wonderful doom&death music. The music is not slow as most doom bands. I think C.C. show us how to make doom metal without slow melodies. Listen! Available for $9 or 15 DM from the address below. P.S. C.C. recently released their last album Graceful..yet Forbidding... by DSFA records. Lline-up: Jos Evers (guitar), Ronny Tyssen (guitar), John Garissen (bass), Gavin Harte (drums), Patrick Savelkoul (vocals), Han Swagerman sr. (keyboards). Address: Patrick Savelkoul, Oude Baan 14, 61 22 AL Buchten (L), The Netherlands,
WHISPERING GALLERY -poems of a forgotten dream-
Whispering Gallery is a doom-metal band from Holland formed at the end of the year 1995. After some changes in the line-up, they recorded their debut demo "Gallery of Dreams" in june 1997. With two clean male vocals and one grunter, they combine melody and aggession with pure doom-metal art. In april 1999 they released their first mini CD "Poems of a Forgotten Dream" from Killerwhale Records. It has 4 songs at 22 minutes. As you read, W.G. is a very interesting band, because of the clean and brutal vocals it has. Different vocal styles and good recording & studio quality make their mCD wonderful. CD has a little booklet, in which lyrics are. All songs have good and original melodies which best fit for a doom release. If you are a doom fan and if you like Dutch scene like me; order immediately! You won't be disappointed. Line-up: Reiner Vreeswijk (grunts&screams), Hubert ter Meulen (guitars&vocals), Pascal Spierings (drums&vocals), barry van Trigt (bass), William van Dijk (guitars), Fred Provoost (synthesizer). Contact: William van Dijk, Sara Burgerhartsingel 367, 38 13 NZ Amersfoort,The Netherlands. w_gallery@hotmail.com