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Forgotten Silence Interview

Can Başkent

logic and the rest...



Can & Utku: Merhaba Krusty! How’s life bro? I guess you’re enjoying Brno summer at the moment. Let’s start with your recent trip to Turkey. What actually prompted you visit our land and what colour are your impressions in general?
Merhaba friend !! Life is...ehm...OK. To be honest, I really hate hot weather. Nothing is worse than gallons of sweat, burning merciless sun and eternal thirst !! Yeah, I visited Turkey this spring and it was amazing time to travel throughout your beautiful land. It was great to meet my old-time-penpals Eren (Istanbul, ex-ETERNAL zine) and Ferdi (Bursa, ALTERNATIVE zine), to see your hectic cities, to talk with nice Turkish people... I really enjoyed time in Istanbul (ave Cenk + PENTAGRAM), Urgup, Kayseri (ave Ahmet), Bursa (ave Cengiz + Atakan), Ankara... I´ve simply fallen in love with your country and all these nice people. I planned to visit also eastern parts of Turkey (like Trabzon, Nemrut Dagi, Van Gölu...), but there was no time. But I promise I´ll be back next year. There´s a lot of people I´d like to meet and a lot of places I´d like to see. Middle east: wait for me !! Oriental countries attract me a lot, and Turkey is exotic enough for me, believe or not. I´m also in active contact with your UG. Last but not least, I fucking like oriental music. Turkey is something like gate to Orient for me. And what colour ? Maybe...some mixture of red, yellow and orange...

Did you visit the Museum Of Anatolian Civilizations while you were in Ankara? What do you think about the defleshment rituals in ancient Catal Hoyuk and all those swastikas of the Hittite Empire??
Be sure I checked out this great muzeum. I´ve recognized a lot of interesting things about ancient Anatolian inhabitants and now I´m searching for some informations about Catal Hoyuk in my language (my english isn´t definitely perfect). The only thing I can say about it, that it caught my attention. A lot of people think that there is only ancient Egyptian civilization. What a big mistake !

As a gourmet candidate, I couldn’t pass this topic.What’s your opinion on our spicy cuisine, any comparison with your famous pork + dumplings + cabbage is welcome..;o)
Ha, ha...but I´m no gourmet !! I´m a vegetarian, that´s why I hate typical CZ meal you mentioned. It´s dusgusting, but if anybody likes it...? I tried something from Turkish “cuisine”...but mostly tea, cakes, sweets, raki, fabulous EFES beer, vegetable salad...and nargile, of course. So don´t call me gourmet, he, he...

Krusty went to a movie called The House Of The Spirits then THOTS came out. Krusty went to Egypt then Ka Ba Ach came out. Krusty went to Turkey then what’s expected to come out now?
It´s simple. Our forthcoming 7”EP is called “Yarım Ay”. It´s one long song consisted of three parts. The first part is called “The Lake” and lyrics describe one strange and really weird moment near Beysehir-lake. Still dark early morning, muezzin´s voice, bird´s singing, frog´s opera...and I´m lying in my tent and listening to this magnificent soundtrack. The 2nd part is “Morning moon over the mosque” and it´s all about your country and it´s nature and cities. Hmm, it´s difficult to explain to you... You are living each day among all these things, that excited me a lot. The last part is called “Onward” and it´s our own short version of YES´sametitled song. We added this part, because we like this band and this song...and mainly: this song is originally without drums...as well as the whole 7”EP.

Even though your trademark of avantgarde fusion still remains strong, we somehow felt that Ka Ba Ach has more elements associated to metal genre when compared to previous Forgotten Silence offerings. The level of “hard to get into” seems to decrease a bit. What do you think, is there really something like this or are we fooled by the production or our own counter expectations??
A lot of people and zine-editors has the same opinion. But I can not be very objective, because I´m one of composers. Maybe it´s more “easy-to-get-into-it”....who knows ? But I can say, that e.g. “As-Suwais” is one of the most complex songs of our band. And it´s nothing but “pop-alike” song at the first sight. If you think, it´s more “heavy” – believe it´s caused by “Ka Ba Ach” track-order. The first two songs are definitely the heaviest and maybe the fastest strikes of FS. We played that recording to our two friends. The one, who listened to it in official order, said: wow, what a death metal massacre !! And the second one, who listened to it in inverted order, said: are you normal, guys...it is too avantgarde !! That´s the main reason.

Is it true that Forgotten Silence is in fact the metaphorical saying of “Krusty chatters fucking too much”??
Yes, that´s true...sometimes I´m very talkative, he, he...

Rumours say that you also participate in pornogrind band Kuma Rafinatta, any comments he he?!
Ha, ha...I helped them with debut MC “La Mia Fica E Tutta Tua”. I still really like this stuff. But that´s all. New KUMA´s songmaterial isn´t my cup of tea. It´s toooo serious for my taste. Not funny enough...

Since you’re able to travel a lot, do you think that the boarders between civilizations are sharp and not permeable as Huntington suggests in his book “Clash Of Civilizations”?
I don´t know what to think about this problem. Borderlines (especially) between East and West were and still are very sharp...but I guess, that education and intelligence should destroy every wall and border, and it doesn´t matter how high or strong is it. Let´s discover !! Life is too short to hate or to eternally search for new colonies...

Egypt, Mesopotamia in a broader sense Middle East is supoosed to be the birthplace of many civilizations including the European one. However, contemporary situation of these lands is rather problematic, islamic fundamentalism, semitic fascism and dictatorial authorities enjoy their privilige where once reigned by wise cultures. How do you evaluate this sad but true fact?
I can not explain today´s situation, but I really admire these civilisations and their people... Europe and America are nothing in comparison with Middle East.

Enough blaahblah for a summertime interview. Thanks a lot for your endure and patience Krusty. When will you be able to visit us for the second time?
Wait, my friend...I will knock on your doors earlier than you can imagine...ha, ha... If everything goes well, Turkey 2003 starts in spring...but it depends on my financial situation, my job...bla, bla... Alexandr Novácek, Máchova 487, ROSICE U BRNA, 66501, CZ, fallon.distro@tiscali.cz, www.redblack.cz/forgottensilence