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Known as one of the prominent magazines of goth lifestyle, G.B. still offers many: ranging from the gothic architecture to medieval Venetian gothic outfits. The music interviews were carried out with the boring electro wave band VNV Nation, Leather Strip and (behold!) Behemoth! However, the musical side of the mag is rather weak and neglected (intentionally i suppose). Therefore, no need to spend $5 (+ $3 p&p) on that. www.gothicbeauty.com
The present magazine features rather popular yet sophisticated bands such as Ulver, Dillinger Escape Plan, Arch Enemy etc. However, among many featured band pieces and interviews, our favorites are Akercocke, Agua de Annique, Autumn Tears, Wolves in the Throne Room, Melt-Banana. One of the cheesy point about Unrestrained is the "Top 25 Albums of 2007" part. Well, it is kinda tradition in mainstream but, i still feel weird when i come accross such a fuss about Top-something. Nevertheless, I liked their list actually. On the other hand, the magazine has a not-so-special lay out which still meets the expected standards and allocates several pages (not as many as we do) to rewievs. www.unrestrainedmag.com

Bu site, Can Başkent'in 1999 yılından beri yazdığı politik, felsefi ve akademik çalışmaların (neredeyse) eksiksiz bir derlemesidir. Bu yazılar veganizmden, beden politikalarına, dijital kültürden ahlak kuramına dek birçok konuyu kapsamaktadır.

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This website collects all written output of Can Başkent since 1999. It includes his political and academical articles as well as his opinion pieces on a broad variety of issues ranging from veganism to digital culture.

You can reach Can by e-mail and twitter.