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OSKOREI#4 Spring 2000
Oskorei is one of the printed masterpieces of the European extreme music scene . It’s done by Lars of Norway twice in a year approximately, being printed in glossy paper and having colored cover whose current amazing cover design done by Mike of ‘Eyes of Chaos’, (but previous ones were done by Michael of Dragon Design.). Interviews were held between Oskorei and IMMORTAL, ARTILLERY, KAMPFAR, FROZEN SHADOWS, POWER SYMPHONY, HATE ETERNAL, LIMBONIC ART, VINTERSORG, VARATHORN, THYRANE, REBAELLIUN, DEAD SILENT SLUMBER, MYRKSKOG, EINHERJER, ESOTERIC, SHADOWBREED, THE BLEEDING LIGHT. As you see, dominant part of the mag is black&death. But it is a big improvement when you compare it with the previous issues of Oskorei. #2 and #3 had only black&death bands. But in this issue some power and melodic death bands managed to appear. Also magazine features a free compilation cd with 17 songs of 16 bands (for the details and review of this cd, look at the ‘compilations page’) . Interviews have really interesting questions which may help you to understand the band. Also the lay-out and the design are well well done. This guy really knows how to use Photoshop as you will realize. At the same time mag has lots of review as usual. But on the other hand it’s a professional magazine featuring advertisements and some promotional things like compilation cd. So if you are into big underground magazines like Oskorei, order it directly from Oskorei Publishing ltd. (!!!) with 10DM (p&p) in a well hidden envelope immediately, considering it has only 1500 copies. Last note:. It’s interesting that all the works, interviews, reviews written by Lars. There’s nobody else, except from Lars in this magazine.. OSKOREI Magazine, PB 640, Sentrum 5807, Bergen- NORWAY; www.oskorei.com; mail@oskorei.com
OSKOREI#5, winter 2000
I really don't like to see; that is how slow the Sonic Splendour team is. While we were working to launch our 2nd issue, OSKOREI managed to present 3 issues. It's not my cup of coffee to appreciate Lars' effort on his OSKOREI project. As I wrote in previous reviews of OSKOREI, that magazine has the capacity to satisfy everyone involved in extreme music art. Let's take it from the cover; having a colored cover which has an amazing visual consept, but not the satanic or vampiric stuff, rather arranged by a professional artwork artist again-Collective artwork-. Apart from the visual quality and Lars' ability to command his PC to design the lay-out stuff perfect, the very first thing you shold have seen is the plenty numbers of inties.. Some headliners appeared in this issue are; Notre Dame, Anorexia Nervosa, Ephel Duath, Thyrfing, Averse Sefira, Chalice, In Aeternum.. Detailed enough informations containing the stuff like which studio the band used in recordings, and who is the sound engineer etc, is not the thing I wanna read mostly in a magazine. But Oskorei does it always. Nevermind, Oskorei#5 comes with double CD compilation. Another interesting point is that, Oskorei demands money from the bands which want to take part in CD. Moreover, most of the songs in CDs from the bands which are also appear with an intie in the mag. I don't understand the financial relations between Oskorei and the bands. There is an intie of the band in the mag, and a song from the band in the CD. However, the band paid for participating in the CD. It seems strange, even more than an ameteur enthusiasm to launch an undergroung mag. Smells totally professionalism rather tham the amateur underground spirit. Whatever, the big mags are unfortunaletly a must for underground followers.
ANCIENT CEREMONIES#4 autumn-winter 1999 + with a free compilation cd
Another glossy underground magazine from Portugal with free compilation cd. It has interviews with LIEGE LORD, USURPER, BEWITCHED, SODOM, NECRODEATH, DEMONIAC, CENTINEX, MARDUK, NIGHTFALL, THYRFING, BLOT MINE, HOUWISTER, MALEVOLENCE, GRAVE DIGGER, SLAYER, HYPNOSIA, INSANITY, IN AETERNUM, CANNIBAL CORPSE, IMMORTAL, VOMIYORY, BEHEMOTH, NEBULAR MOON, JUNGLE ROOT, DARKTHRONE, MORTICIAN, ASPHYX, SUIDAKRA, HADES ALMIGHTY, JESUS MARTYR, SEPTIC FLESH, NEVERMORE, DISMAL, EBONY TEARS. Also you may read the live reports of Wacken and Rockwave fests. As you will realize, it is really thick having 88 A4 pages with great lay-out&design promoting Photoshop. Its cd contents 19 tracks and was reviewed in ‘compilations page’. A.C. has really tons of text to read in it. It took me nearly a week to read all of it. Lots of interviews, reviews… However, it enables you to improve your personal look to the underground scene of the globe. In addition, it is a good team work meaning it has lots of contributors from all over the world. On the other hand, those glossy magazines seems (whether it’s right or not, I don’t care) too commercial to me. So at the end they don’t fit to my perception of underground scene. I don’t remember its price exactly, you’d better visit the web. ANCIENT CEREMONIES c/o Apartado 60334, 2701-904 Amadora—PORTUGAL; http://come.to/ac_zine; ancient.cer@mail.telepac.pt
ANCIENT CEREMONIES#5 spring-summer 2000 + with 2 free compilation cds
Well, again that “big magazine” with colored cover this time. CELTIC FROST, VADER, DESTRUCTION, AGRESSOR, AVULSED, NOTRE DAME, DECAYED, DEPRESY, LIMBONIC ART, MUSTAAN KUUN LAPSET, MANDATORY, DISMEMBER, UNDERTAKERS…are some of the ones who dialed A.C. for an interview.. I hate to mention the lay-out and the page design of a zine. However, A.C. has a very well-looking lay-out. Nuno –the editor- usually keeps repeating the beauty of his/her magazine’s lay-out. You’ll find tons of reviews of the demos, cds… It will help you, if you are one of them the people who buys editor’s choice. In addition, the questions that the A.C. team asked are not the beyond of the musical concept of the band/artist. So, after a few page, you got bored with the names of the studios, productors, and labels.. The big magazines should learn to ask questions which enable the guy express his ideas about the feelings or opinions about the life or whatever.. Also this 68 A4 magazine makes your eyes happy with its pretty lay-out as well as your ears with the free 2 compilation cds. For contact address, see the review below.
A completely underground zine from Poland. 64 A5 pages is good for a zine, huh! Interviews with totally dark, death, black, doomy bands like GREGUENA, STILLE VOLK, MOON FAR AWAY, FALKENBACH, DYING PASSION, EMPIRIA, THETRAGON, SACRILEGIUM, EBLIS, SANATORIUM, ETHERAL PANDEMONIUM, AHRIMAN, TORNRAK…And includes an interesting one which was done with poetry distro from Poland. Also includes Lithuanians’ Ancient History article and some other interesting things. One more interesting point: AGONIA doesn’t contain any review..This zine deserves promoting so support it by ordering your copy by sending 3$ to the adress below..FILIP JENSON P.O. BOX 273, 64-920 PI£A-POLAND; noxfil@poczta.onet.pl; www.agonia.dagdy.com.pl


I’m a big fan of compilations, just because I have never too much money and time for checking out so many bands/releases appeared in underground. So the compilations are really great chances for me. As a result, it is time to share my opinions with you all shity people. But, not to forget the difficulties of reviewing the compilations, I include their full list of the bands took place in those mentioned comp.s.
Free compilation cds of this “big mag’s” consists of the bands appeared in that issue of the magazine. So it is a big opportunity to get the chance of listening to the bands while you were reading the interview of the band. I’m not really into the styles of those bands below. Usually, death-grind bands take place in the cds. So my aim for writing those stupid reviews of the ANCIENT CEREMONIES cds is to get you informed about it, rather than recommending it to you all. So that’s not more than it for those three cds. Bands: Decayed, Malevolence, Avulsed, Antithesis, Pessimist, Behemoth, Impiety, Centinex, Archetype, Requiem, Frozen Shadows, Dismal, Rotten Sound, Uranus, Lupercalia, Nocturnal Winds, Noctuary, Casablanca, Spitkiss
ANCIENT CEREMONIES#5 (double cd!!!!)
Hmm, tons of bands in totally 150 minutes long cds. Sounds great, doesn’t it? To tell the truth, after inserting the cd to the player and pressing the “play” button; my ideas abut those cds turned to fade away. Too much similar songs with no musical emotion and with no melodic background bored me in a few minutes. Death metal scene doesn’t contain too much variety in it, I think. So does those cds. Besides my favourite ones such as Poema Arcanus, Let Me Dream, Opera IX, Depresy, Dusk…, those cds weren’t be able to took my attention too much. Only recommended to the maniacs whom want to dive into the (extreme) Death Metal deeply. Bands in #1: Liege Lord, Mandatory, Disgorge, Decapitated, Gospel of the Horns, Poema Arcanus, Let Me Dream, Opera IX, Decayed Remains, Sanatorium, Misanthropy, Paul Nelson, Mind Snare, Chained and Desperate, Pussy Vibes, Murder Corporation, Faraon, Undertakers, Liber Spirituum, Adumus Bands #2: Abortus, Necrophagia, Holocausto Cannibal, Dusk, Thy Primordial, Mutant, Let Me Dream, In Tha Umbra, Dominus XVL, Mustan Kuun Lapset, Unhola, Hypnos, Unmoored, Witch Blade, Depresy, Misanthropy, Surgial Dissection, Antropofagus, Inner War, Fuck the Facts
I know, you got bored reading the reviews of the major magazines, but I can not help myself composing the review of this great compilation as well as the mag. The same opportunity you got with ANCIENT CEREMONIES keeps its existence. The surprises of this issue are Al Sirat and Menzoberranzan. I have never thought that Lars of OSKOREI will reserve a song for these bands which give big hopes for their future. However, while listening to the cd, it is not too difficult to realize the professionalism of the OSKOREI. This guy really knows how to make his readers happy. Let’s talk about the musical range and concept of the cd. As in all OSKOREI cds, black metal is dominant. But, those technical black metal bands worth to being checking out. As Lars being open-minded, the variety of the bands increases. In #4; power, dark and even symphonic metal songs appear. It is not surprising when taking into the consideration the fact that improvement is a must in every area of life, even in music. So OSKOREI doesn’t keep repeating itself by expanding its horizons. Bands: Einherjer, Thyrane, Forbidden Pleasures, Dweorgesblod, Al Sirat, Menzoberranzan, Abortus, Detonation, Boiu Omega, Frozen Shadows, Nebular Mystic(2), Fall of Man, Dying Day, Embittered, Fallen Empire, Nefarium
OSKOREI#5 vol.1&2
Oskorei follows its path in the extreme music art. Brutal, death, black non-melodic ambiances.. But from issue to issue, Oskorei expands its sight. I mean, something like goth or melodic stuff; appear in the Cds. Vol#1: Autumn Tears, Ephel Duath, Chalice, Enter Self, Burial, Pandemia, Beltane, Averse Sefira, Graveferd, Joyless, Shining, Fuct the Facts, Thragedium, Drowning, Camos, Blood Red Throne Vol#2: Hin Onde, Thy Primordial, Unmoored, Pandemonic, Herisiarh, Scariot, Malefico, Slavia, Deluge, Inhumate, Shadowkings, Audiopain, Cryptic Revelation, Fatal Portrait, Istid, Sentinel, Mortuary Oath
When good friend Michael of Dragon Design informed me about the compilation cd, I was really surprised. At a first glance, isn’t it strange to launch a compilation cd by an underground artwork&design artist? But, while taking into the considerition of the reality that, Mike is one of the men I know who is in real underground, it is not so surprising. As a result, cd consists of underground bands rather than the popular and extreme ones.. Well, Mike took one song from the bands for which he drew designs, logos and/or cover designs. It’s really wonderful that Mike draws for death, power, thrash bands rather than techno shits. (Well, I must confess, it is not a funny joke. Anyway, I’m not a funny guy smiling all time.) Just take a look at the bands in the cd. Don’t they worth checking out? Order it immerdiately before it solds out. The cd arrives with an amazing cd booklet includes the great designs done for the bands. Visual part of this cd is as professional as the auditory part. Don’t forget to take a look at to the interview of Dragon Design to learn what Mike thinks about the cd. Get this for just 15 DM/9$ directly from Dragon Design’s address. Bands: Black Abyss, Violation, Graveworm, Dispatched, Isegrim, Soul Demise, D.A.B, Dethronement, Mystic Circle, Dead Emotions, Thornclad, Wizard, Morifade, Steel Warrior. c/o Michael SCHINDLER, Viktoriastr. 4, 84144 Geisenhausen/GERMANY; www.dragondesign666.de; dragon.design@t-online.de
Fraser of Britain is one of the guys who dedicate his body and mind to the real underground by keeping on a production and a distrobution orgasination. At the same time, releasing a distro catalogue with some interviews in it, a kind of distro-list/’zine, he shows his faithfulness to the scene below. So, the tapes he realised are one of my faves between the ones reviewed in this page. An intersting point that, Fraser never encloses a letter to the parcels. I suppose, he is a cold Scottish. Although been printed on ordinary tapes and the quality of the sound is low, they already worth checking out. Personally, Golden Lake #1 helped me to meet some great bands, not too diffucult who are they at a first glance. #1 Bands: Endless, Agonizing Terror, Devastation Inside, Forgotten Silence, Doomflight, Ancient Poetry, Monesterial Crypt, Slavearc, Confiteor, Hostile, Serenade, The Bloody Vice, Macbeth, Suffering, Desolate, Malediction #2 Bands: Bellator, Depresy, Thou Ask Divinity, Ophidian, Slavearc, S.C.A.L.P, Icy Winds At Dusk, Callenish Circle, Daybreak, Demimonde, Day of Atonement, Hypnotic Scenery, Arkham, Serenade, No Promises, F.O.B, Mourning Beloveth #3 Bands: Profanity, Ashen Mortality, Sanatorium, Unhallowed, Dreamsfear, Enter My Silence, Mongoose III, Stardrowned, Dehumanize, SSOGE, Goldenpyre, Sphera Lunae, Abstract, Slavearc, Dogma, Evenfall, Dying Passion, 7th Passion, Brutal Passion, Daybreak, Grot. Golden Lake Productions, 19 Castlehill Drive, Newton Mearns,Glasgow G 77 5JZ , SCOTLAND; http://musicfans,to/goldenlake; serenade4@yahoo.co.uk
ATLANTIDA #1,2,3,4,5
Well, it is impossible to skip this guy’s effort in underground by launching great compilation cassettes. At the beginning, I kept buying ATLANTIDA cassettes for being introduced to new amazing bands. So, it worked.. For the details see the list of the bands appeared in volumes. But when considering the worst sides of that fuckin’ compilations, they have very low sound quality, meaning, it needs to be improved. Well, I know, guys use low-quality tapes in order to decrease cost price and increase the profit they will obtain. However, I don’t think that quality shouldn’t be made lower. To intend to earn much money doesn’t imply to launch low-quality tapes. In addition, another point I sholud touch is that the cover designs of ATLANTIDA’s have been done by Dragon Design. Ruslanas made me emphasized the price of the tapes, so let me write them as I promised: 5$ each tape inc. p&p. Wholesale prices: 5 copies:10$, 10 copies 25$.. (A last minute news: From now on, compilations will be printed on cd. Great.) #1 Bands: Outshine, Ophidan, Encrypton, Soul Demise, Somber Serenity, Menzoberranzan, Lathebra, Fall of the Leafe, Garland, Dispatched, S.C.A.L.P, Decay, Ars Moriendi, Achiral #2 Bands: …And Oceans, 7th Moon, Lunatic Gods, Angis, Blood Stained Host, Let Me Dream, Lacrima Christi, Astray, Khrysos Anthemon, Forgotten Silence, Marauder, Varathorn, Goldenpyre, Bifrost #3 Bands: Wagchor, Lament, Cruention, Wayd, Cryogenic, Dark Vision, Dark Serenity, Government of Pansies, Fairlight, Eternal Sadness, Sempervivum, Rhea, Lux Occulta, Entirety, Hypnosis, Temple of Tiphareth #4 Bands: The Evil Solstice, Mourning Cares, Wolfcry, Resurrecturis, Forefather, Love History, Danger, Beast Petrify, Mystical Fullmoon, Daybreak, Al Sirat, Burial Place, Wargus, Eternal Glory, Athrepsy, Anima Poetae, Pandamonium, The Evil Solstice, Speerhead #5 Bands: Forefather, Arrival, Eternal Deformity, Arckan Obscura, Metal Inquisitor , Unknown Serenity, Ensoph, Flauros, Vintage Solemnity, Fatal Portrait, Haimad, Vale of Tears, Cruention, Amazeroth, Azathoth, Eternal Pandemonium, Hrossharsgrani
Well, Another tape which is full of death&black noises that may let you meet new and fascinating bands over the earth. Since I’m not too into the depths of death&black scene, it won’t be too much further than the fields of my own musical flavour. Guitars without any melodic structure, vocal partions which I can not even understand a word, ordinary rhythms from the drums. As I wrote above, I’m not into DM&BM, so you’d better check it yourself by looking at the list of the bands on the tape. Ooops, this tape has a copyright, too. Take one step backward.. Bands: Infected, Tales of Darknord, Festerguts, Disabled, No Return, Melancholy Pessimism, Inhumate, Anal Pus, Vırtual Void, Amputator, Encumber, Resurrecturis, Maggots, Sickness, S.C.A.L.P, Apollyn, Moritura, Promontary, Decay. Rest In Peace Productions, c/o Vladamir Korolenko, P.O. Box 72, Smolensk-04, 214004 RUSSIA
What does underground mean to you? Introducing new bands, meeting new people, buying cheap cds, becoming addict to the vinyl versions?.. For me, undergound means, first discovering new, impressive bands in different path of the underground from the one I’ve been following for years. Black Orchid, is the tape (dated 1998) which has great help in expanding my point of view in musical literature. Listening to the experimental, atmospheric and gloomy music in the vein of originality and the true and honest underground acts, keeps me being happy for years. Thanks go to Emil MATKO for releasing this tape. This is a must for every underground maniac looking for the metal art includes creativity and originality in it. P:SÞ This tape has a copyright which protects the label and bands from us, the fans.. LLLLLL Bands: Garden of Shadows, Ovs, Forgotten Silence, Veda, Pagan Lorn, Naervaer, Physika Kai Mystika, Valle Crucis, Night in Gales, Niobes Ivory Dream, Sarcastic, Fall of the Leafe, Embrace of Fear, Extremity Obsession, Cumbdeo EMIL MATKO, Mládežnicka19,Banská Bystrica, 974 01 SLOVAKIA-EUROPE matko@isternet.sk
I really don’t know what is the secret behind those Czech band. Probably my last wish would be learn that. A CD full of different Czech Bands lying in my hands and waiting to be reviewed.. What a great enjoyment… As you all will guess, it’s really great to listen to their powerful and costructed music but,without understanding any Czechish word. But not understanding any words provides you to evaluate the music seperately from the lyrics. You just like the music&melody or not. (For most of us) There is no probablity to have any idea about the lyrics. Just hear the music and vocal of a (wo)man singing meaningless words. Up to the listeninig to the cd, I didn’t know anything about Master’s Hammer. Poweful and heavy melodies of M.H. impressed me easily. Well, no need to talk much, it is a must for the fans and addicts of Czech metal bands. Bands: Sad Harmony, SSOGE, Forgotten Silence, Entrails, Endless, Ingrowing, Hypnotic Scenery, Insania, Dissolving of Prodigy, Promises, Fleshless, Asmodeus, Dark Gamballe. RedBlack Productions, Kopecna 7, 602 00 Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC; www.redblack.cz; info@redblack.cz.
Hmm, in order to write my opinions; I should have listened to the casettes more than a few times. But, those are not the right ones which worths checking out. Before considering that they are low-quality tapes, look at the list of the bands contributing them. Not too bad or not too good, right? Do you think that they edserve your money and time. I think not now.. vol1 –ASIATIC ATTACK- bands: Mortes Saltantes, Bastardized, Perish, Funeral Rites, Tegnokorak, Dusk. vol2 –AMERICAN ATTACK- bands: Spqr, Obliteration, Twisted Tower Dire, Garden of Shadows, Unholy Death, Mystical Full Moon. vol3 –EUROPEAN ATTACK- bands: Moonsorrow, Höndur, Tharaphita, Alcholic Smashing War, Eviternity, Tangrycan, Consecrated. vol4-OCEANIC ATTACK- bands: Stargazer, Antichrist, From the Dark, Destruktor, Berserker, Mournful Congregation. Hiberica Productions, P.O. Box 174, 8300-999 Silves-PORTUGAL; hiber@clix.pt


DUSK , my infinite nature alone
Everything started, when I first got their flyer from Hiberica Productions (old-Hibernia). Reading them, I saw some strange wordds: a metal band from Pakistan… It was a great surprise for me meeting a Pakistani band.. The rest was a quite quick prosess. I ordered the cd, listened to it many times, decided to make an interview with them… I thought you have already read the interview. So it’s the time for reading the review. The cd has 8 songs which last 42 minutes. It was recorded in Karachi, Pakistan. But, the label launched it (Hiberica) is from Portugal. So the succses of this oriental band worths checking out. The band consists of 3 people whose duties are obviously playing guitar, drums and singing. In means of talking about their musical consept; the first thing coming to my mind is that they are different; far much beyond an ordinary musical expectations. I can’t say what their stlye is; but I can attempt to say what they are not: They are not neither a satanic or vampiric black metal band nor a death metal band with heavy and fast riffs. In addition, their music is not pop.. The sound, the melodic background and the vocal technics are the some of the elements which make DUSK an inordinary band hailing from the East. Sadness, pessimism, hoplessness, desperation are the dominant emotions of the album which can be easily felt by listening to it. The Cd begins with an unusual song, named “Ars Moriendi” which sounds like a kind of hymn; a bit choral, melodic and not too hard for the opening ceremony of the album. Following song “Returnin to Pathos” is quite long, 10’50”. If you have enough patience for this kind of a long song, I’m sure that you will find new aspects hidden in it. Generally, vocals are rather brutal or whispers which enrich the music more than expected. Instrumental variety is not enough since you can only hear a weak guitar sound and a drum. But the general consept can be easily defined as a well-done work. Personally, I’m waiting for their new product impatiently. Highly recommended..
Hmm, another cd which once again made me thinks why do the Czechs have great melodic and technical bands, having female vocal and too much feeling in their style. When I first saw the positive reviews of it in the underground press, it took my attension. At the same time, I was able to listen some songs appeared in the compilations. (Don’t forget, I’m a compilation maniac). When considering the fact that M.C. is a Czech band, it was not strange for me to be impressed the critics. I ordered the CD immediately. When receiving the little parcel full of CDs and tapes, I torn out the envelope and found the STARI. Hmm, the cover picture lying in front of my eyes is really great. The next step for me, was investigation of the booklet.. Obviously, I opened the plastic case. First, I had a look at the funny photos of the band members in the cd booklet and laughed for hours and then inserted the cd to the CD player. Well, you will begin to hear some strange words spoken by a female. Don’t be schoked, you will hear those streange words during the whole cd. We made it funny by trying to pronounce the Czechish words in the songs. It’s really funny.. But, you will also find the English translations of the lyrics. A good idea to express the ideas to the listener.. Let’s talk about the musical consept of STARI. Musical background and the tecnique are great as most Czech bands. But, the styles of the songs are very similar to each other. Beginning with a classic guitar riff, and adding basses and electric guitars; after all, female vocals and male vocals entering the song. After a few times of listening, it bored me. But the great songs like Sklenene Reze (I even don’t know whether I wrote it correct or not, because of the strange and unreadable font used in the cd booklet.) will remain as a cult, although it is in Czechish. Due to Stari’s succec some of the songs appeared in lots of compilation tapes,cds. Meret Productions: Miroslav “Keli” Ilek, Ukrajinska 15, Brno-Bohunice 625 00/Czech Republic
SSOGE, themes
Excellent…As any SSOGE releases, it smells quality, music, aesthetic, gothic emotions, power, melancholy and a deep sadness..Being one of the leading bands in the Czech scene, SSOGE made its best again. After listened to their previous album, BEHIND THE SHADOWS, I thought that, “How would SSOGE be able to climb over this gothic cult?”. But, fortunaletly I’m wrong, SSOGE managed to create an artwork which is greater even than the BEHIND THE SHADOWS. You read the opinions of SSOGE in the interview, so now it is my turn. Go on reading… With “Loving on the earth” you will be introduced the new sound of SSOGE. Exploding as a nuclear bomb in your ears; SSOGE will present you a new artwork. After listening to it, (by the way, I have no idea how many times you will listen to it, and wheter you wil pass to the other songs. But if you can pass to the others…) you will find 11 more artworks which can cost you a new CD player and amps. One of my amps is already out of order. I don’t know how I will protect the others. Meanwhile, CD has a wonderful cover consept. Great art is visible even in cover. Nothing can better express the feelings of the listener than that “sad-faced woman” (which is also printed on the cd itself)… I have more words to write; I haven’t told you anything about the consept yet. As can be understood from the name (themes), album has 3 different theme song in it. They are quite short, but long enough to express its emotions. In order to talk about its lyrics and say something different from the interview; my main idea about the metal lyrics isn’t changed: the weakest part of a metal song is its lyrics. It’s same in SSOGE. Lyrics need improving and devoloping. When I listen to any song of SSOGE, I don’t need to look at the lyrics. It’s because, usually they don’t worth checking out. But, since I always hoped the best from SSOGE my expectations don’t change. But, on the other hand, again I think that; “How would SSOGE be able to climb over this gothic cult?” www.redblack.cz/ssoge
MACBETH, romantic tragedy’s crescendo
The story begins with a compilation again, but I won’t get you read those useless lines about my memories about the CD. Well, to tell the truth, I don’t know too much thing about the Itaian scene. As you are expected to understand, MACBETH is an Italian band eating pizzas all the time. Okay okay, those guys and the lady were able to find enough time to record a CD instead of eating those delicious pizzas. Meanwhile, my fave is with double cheese and mushroom.. Keep it in mind you guys, otherwise you won’t be reviewed!!. Ha ha ha.. Auch, « Don’t beat me, Utku ».. I don’t know what is his problem with me. I was just chatting with you friends via this stupid SONIC SPLENDOUR. What’s wrong with it? OK, OK..I’m passing to the musical point rather than the delicious and hot pizzas with extra cheese and mushroom.. How can a gothic-metal band with keyboard and a female vocal be defined? Obviously by listening to this digipack… --More seriously please… --OK Utku!.. Once again, listening to a gothic band is something like licking a baby on her…. Upps, it seems a bit pornographic.. Well, I’d better try to write it later… 2 moths pass… Hey guys, do you know the story of the Pink Panter in which he was in Italy?.. (I think there should de a corelation between Gothic-metal and “Pink Panther in Italy”… But, what is it?) 3 months later.. I suppose SONIC SPLENDOUR is out, well no need to write anything about metal.. -- We’re waiting for your stupid and useless cloumns Can!! -- Wha..What? Do you mean that, SONIC SPLENDOUR hasn’t been out yet? -- Yes… (Can puts off the headphones..The voice of Britney coming from the headphones can be easily heard..Can takes off his Britney t-shirt and start to think “How can I fuck Britney??? I know she is a virgin. I’ll be the first. I’ll be the first..”… After the kicks of Utku, Can is starting to write a review. B-R-I-T-N-E-Y—S-P-E-A-R-S – F-U-N- -C-L-U-B.. “Can, what’s it?” “No, nothing Utku…” Bad boy Utku graps the envelope from Can’s little and innocent hands.. Utku is reading the letter: “to the personal attention of Britney Spears.. My dear love Brtiney, You know it’s my 35. letter to you. But, I still don’t know why I haven’t received your letter yet. I suppose our postal service is a bit slow... Waiting for your letter.. Kisses, kisses, kisses... You will find a new photo of me enclosed..” Briefly, it is a good album. Buy it if you are open to new gothic and sad melodies….
ENDLESS, perihelion
I don’t know what is my problem with the Czech bands. That’s it, another Czech band with technical goth-death metal full of energy and melody in it as well as a soprano and a brutal vocal screaming.. I don’t know what “perihelion” means. In fact, I don’t wonder what it is. Because, you know, nowadays, metal bands struggle to find strange names. But let me emphasize the words written in the booklet. Briefly, band reminds us how our “megacivilization” makes us lose our souls. Read the follwing lines from the booklet: “The end of second millenium crushes us by its apocalyptic tendencies and illusions of pleasure by which we lose ourselves in the mist of technologic progress…” Endless have 3 members: vocal, bass and guitars. Drummer and the female vocal are the guest artists. www.redblack.cz
WHISPERING GALLERY, like a dream of never-ending beauty…love never dies
A well-done, well-constructed debut album of a Nederlander gloomy band..W.G. plays with a quite crowded stuff. 6 people share the responsibilities of W.G. I won’t syart this review with a brief bio of the band; just check out the interview and the bio..To tlak about their musical consept; the very first thing which is easily heard is that W.G. has 2 male vocals: a clear and a grunt (a kind of brutal). Clear melodies and the smooth sounds are the ones that helped me to distinguish W.G. from the others.. Their music can not be called doom which is similar to the Anathema, My Dying Bride or Novembers Doom stuff. Not so hard nor too slow music is the terminology I will use mostly in order to define and explain their style. Inordinary melodic background and the consept will make you realize itself only after a few times of listening. When I first listened to it, my prejudices are not collapsed; but it is when I gave it another chance weeks after the first try. Well, guys, first conclusion you must have reached is that, don’t start listening to a cd with tons of prejudice on your pocket…I guaranty you you won’t be disappointed unless you are close to the new sounds.. Lastly, for the comments of the band just easily refer to the intie..www.whisperinggallery.cjb.net; w_gallery@hotmail.com
CALLENISH CIRCLE, graceful..yet forbidding
By inserting this cd in the tray, the first melodies you will meet will be far much beyond the avarage. Since I know the musical past of the band, I may assure that you will never be disappointed by buying their CDs. But let me, write down my opinions. Well, first, let’s start with the melodic and compositional style of C.C. Despite the fact that, I don’t like the bands who mixes a few styles and takes the result of unsuccesful combination of different emotions; C.C. uses black, death, doom metal genres in order to make an impressive and ebullient music. Power, emotions, gloomy feelings are some of the ones that I can get from their melodies. So, by listening to it from time to time; the path you will walk through, will reach to its target: Emotions that have been influenced by the melodies and the chaotic organisation of the composed sounds. Try immediately, you won’t be able to give it up. www.callenish-circle.com
AUTMUN TEARS, love poems for dying childern Act 1 REPRISE MCMXCVIII
I don’t know whether A.T. is called as a band occuppying the metal genre. But the music, whatever kinda it is, is well-composed, well-organised and well-played according to my dirty ears. Symphonic and melodic touches, seen by any listener, are the clearest side of their musical style. But, after beginning to dig the melodic compositions, results you will get are going to satisfy you all. Besides, if you are not open to new and different genres and melodies or if you insist on the bands you have been listening to for ages; directly pass to another zine. Because, we will show you how much sonic splendour you missed by closing your doors to musical innovations. “Love Poems for Dying Childern” is the first episode of the trilogy. Although that album is a bit old (nowadays A.T. launched Act.3), it is not as old as you expected for me meeting their music. So, at first glance, my comments about them are not too different from the main-stream metal magazines. But, when thinking it deeply, I reach a result: ‘the improvements in music is seen and created by underground’. So take the underground culture as the cradle of the revolution and start to create/produce. As far as I can see, A.T. is a band which has a great musical background and knowledge, as well as the unique and amazing talents of creating that kinda music. Although A.T. is from U.S.A. (united shits of america), it worths spending some money on them. www.darksymphonies.com
OPETH, still life
Wow, in spite of the fact that, OPETH is a major band (recall that; I don’t like the major bands except from Megadeth which is a great inspriation for me for ages-), I have to write something about this amazing, powerful, melodic and melancholic master piece. CD contains 7 long songs which are like post-modern metal symphonies. In order to not to support the major labels (STILL LIFE is launched by PEACEVILLE –what a good name for a production company-), copy this CD from your friends or just download the illegal (or legal but short) MP3s from the network.


OPHIDIAN, lost in the hall of a dream
The guys who have read my reviews beforehead know that, I don’t have much idea apart from some exceptions..Ophidian is one of them. Again having female vocals, but this time with the charming sound of the violin.. “Lost in the Hall of a Dream” is their demo-tape. I think they have already released their first LP some time in last year. Having an ordinary cover design and logo, OPHIDIAN is one of the bands I listened so frequently since I got it. I wonder when it will be corrupted. Listening to it you will easily realize that, goth metal is something like flying in the air without any thing tied on your body. Feeling the power of the music and the energy it gave you will make you more energic and crazy such that you will be able top attempt to fly off.. The tape has 5 songs, including the intro. To tell the truth, all of them are my favourites. Powerful melodies and wonderful vocal techniques are the secrets of OPHIDIAN I think. Operic female vocal is charming me whenever I listen to it. Although it has no free Britney photos in the inlay card, it deserves to be listened till the death under the name of sonic splendourness… c/o Luca Difato, via Rossini, 14-20060 Vignate (MI) ITALY
NOSTRADAMUS, sic itur ad astra
Not too much words to tell about this not-so-good tape. Some similar noises and synths with some ‘cyber-metal’ riffs. No need to check out at any time… Wojciech Wycoccy, ul. Micniewicza 144, 17-100 Bielsk Podlaski, Poland
VASSAGO,never turns back..
A debut tape from the undergrounders of Turkey. If tasting melancholic melodies and sadness are your favourites and you would like to give a chance to a Turkish band; probably Vassog will be unique choice. This trio is playing well composed but not-well-recorded music in veins of old-school-doom (whoa, whati s olds school doom, ha!!?). When considering that they are not in their first steps in musical scene, I think it is not wrong for me to expect something better. But, hope always exists; so I know that following releases will be greater and better.. c/o Mert Yıldız, P.K.58, İzmit-Kocaeli/TURKEY
Although I am not deeply into those kind of stuff, I think I have sufficent background for writing a review for this epic, oriental black metal band. In my first listenings, I like the melodies, structures of the songs; but after a few times, it lost its interestring and original side and began to bore me. In order to influence the people who listen to your works, I think the best way is to enrich the melodies and structures.. But V.S. has too long path in front of itself to reach my targets.. But, hope always exists… www.vintagesolemnty.cjb.net
ASTAROTH, the sign which I indicate
Hmm, a new band from the neglected fields of Turkey with its debut demo. They claim that they are a death-black band, but the low-quality sound does not let you understand whatever kinda it is. But when considering the fact that, most debut demos have low qualitiy due to lack of money and rehersal time. Well, if you are looking for an eastern black band with some not-so-good constructed songs, just check it out. If quality is a must for you pass it directly.. www.astarothband.cjb.net
ACRIMONY, burning lives
Although, I'm absolutely pessimist about the Turkish scene; some recent releases helped me to change my mind. Acrimony is one of them. Having well-constructed songs and a well-screamed vocal and some black&death touches are the facts that you may easily find in Acrimony. If you are a fan of speedy, melodic melodies which also have the hard partitions, why not give a chance to Acrimony. Thanx to Erdem from Ataraxia Distro for sending me this CD.
DEMENTIA, death of melody
As any debut, “death of melody” has lots of parts that smell more than influenced. But I am nıt too pessimist about the future of the band. Thanx to Ercan from Musical Trauma for giving me that CD.