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Hmm, in fact no need to repeat myself... The loyal followers of sonic splendour know my ideas about the major magazines.. So I will just mention about the content of the issue.. Hypocrisy and Morbid Angel, Immortal are the "majors" of that issue.. Poema Arcanus, Decapitated intiesa are the ones I like.. As usual, the mag. has tons of cd reviews that makes you get bored reading all of them.. Meanwhile, includes a compilation cd. -For the review of the CD, see the COMPILED BLAH BLAH.. page- Apartado 60334, 2701-904 Amadora-Portugal ancient.cer@mail.telepac.pt www.ancientceremonies.cjb.net
Spring 2001 issue of the well-known magazine includes, inties with Thy Serpent, Primordial, Fall of the Leafe, Dusk, Scariot, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, SSOGE, Misfits, etc. As usual a death metal compilation is included. -For the review of the CD, see the COMPILED BLAH BLAH.. page-
A personal comic-zine from the creator of Food Geek. Clear designs -that i like most- make you follow the theme easily and enjoy the drawings more. On the other hand, personal extracts that full its pages are rather warm and makes you feel closer to carrie. I think this is what carrie prefered. Not only it is a friendly preference; i liked her style and honest approach and the some other psychologic points. So, very unique rather boring zine from U$A... Carrie McN, PO BOx 49403, Los Angeles, CA 90049, U$A
With nice cover design, aea zine welcomes you to the dusty path of the thrash + death metal. Chat with God Forbid, Zyklon, Cadaver Inc., Chaos Theory, Braindance and with some more zine editors absolutely worth checking out. You will see a few but, long&detailed reviews about some standart items. But, reviews are absolutely above the average. Moreover, AEA zine has a tendency to indie horror movies. You will find some inties concerning this tendency. AEA has a tidy but, too simple lay-out for the current hi-tech scene. This thick zine is worth your 6 bucks. [Don't forget to remember and to practice asphyxiphilia] c/o Dave Wolff, 3 Maple St., Garden City, NY 11530-1812, U$A kharis18@hotmail.com maxpages.com/aeazine
C.A. is an A5 pro-printed zine with some death grind bands in it. The below-avarage composition of this zine is completed with boring lay-out which seems a garbage of Times New Roman. The editor is also into to the gore/horror movies. You may find some reviews about them. Why isn't there a well-done, not-gore zine in the $tates.. c/o Dale Roy, Apt. #1, 6318 Bingham Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111 U$A members.xoom.com/metaldale metaldale@hotmail.com
COMPASSIONATE COOKING -vegan recipes for a humane living-
This little cook-book is compiled by the Roma Straight Edge organization. Cute D.I.Y style and friendly image indicate the 'compassionate' side of this booklet. Prepare these foods which are cruelty free, and pro-animal.. Last words of the reviewer: 'Eat your veggies, not your friends' c/o Stella Tasca, via gallia 95, 00183 roma, Italy; xstellax@freemail.it c/o Elena Cara, via brodolini 32, 00043 ciampino (roma), Italy; d.corsetti@iol.it
FOOD GEEK 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I hope, you all get confused when seeing this review about a "food-zine".. This little (A6) sized zine has lots of beauties inside. Nice written chapters, pretty cartoons and some recipes and reviews greet you all kids. By the way, don't skip, if you intend to go veggie.. Food related mania comes from Food Geeks like them.. Cheer 'em all.. [1$ each + p&p] c/o Carrie McN, P.O. Box 49403, Los Angeles, CA 90049, U$A foodgeekmmm@hotmail.com
Mat spent great effort on his zine. Well done inties and not-so-few reviews are the flashpoints. You may read the chats with Twisted Tower Dire, Hatred, Gospel of the Horns, Nebular Mystic and more.. Xeroxed pages are enriched with funny cartoons and some comics. Moreover, lay-out and printing needs to be improved a bit. I'm really fed up reading the texts with Times New Roman fonts.. Zine has some polish u.g news and guide. Contact Mat. c/o Mateusz Wieteska, Ceglowska 27/2, 01809 Warszawa, Poland metalmat@go2.pl
Expanding the horizons you already have, is one of the aim of this publication. So we introduce you a zine from Belgium, having in its 31th issue.. The first interesting detail coming to my mind is that, The Original Sin is free!.. The zine defines itself as " a real undergroundzine that features lots of small and unsigned bands.. All styles.. No limits!!!!!!".. Huh, sounds pretented, isn't it? The headliner of the mentioned issue is a german wave band: 'Wings of Destiny'.. Interesting and enjoyable inties and pretty looking lay-out make Original Sin is a lovely publication that deserve the attention of metal listeners.. Give it a chance to impress you! c/o Didier Becu, Jozef Guislainstraat 6, 9000 Gent-Belgium; didier.becu@pandora.net
The last strike of the magazine welcomes you all with a -again- great cover concept as well as a new logo. Moreover, this time Oskorei grew up to a team rather than a individual project. Emperor, Zyklon, Bal-Sagoth, Immortal, Centinex, Destruction, Forefather, Die Apokalyptichen Reiter, Maudlin of the Well are the bands that you might be familiar with in this issue. In particular Die Apokalyptichen Reiter and Maudlin of the Well chats are my faves. To conclude, it is nice to witness to growing of Oskorei. Read... Oskorei Magazine: pb 640, Sentrum, n-5807, Bergen-Norway; oskorei.com; mail@oskorei.com
RAVENLORD -infernal jubilaeum issue #666-
This Yugo zine hails us with a very tidy and nice lay-out .. Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Thyrane, Ordo Draconis, Love Lies Bleeding are some of the bands which Ravenlord bothered with clever and nice questions. Having a few review, is the negative side of Ravenlord. Highly recommended by your family-undergrounder.
These days, I concantrate on the hgardcore-punk culture, in order to get known to that culture -the culture which influence the whole underground community and productions-. Great lay-out, pretty columns, well-prepared inties with some punk people one of whose is Teo@ You&Me [see Sonic Splendour#2 to meet Teo].. Recommended to those who are curious about the HC community. A last note: Semtex has a really great designed web site. Give it a hit! c/o Thomas Byttebeir, Collegelaan 91, 8530 Harelbeke-Belgium; semtexhbk@hotmail.com; www.geocities.com/semtex_zine
A Do-It-yourself metal zine from Istanbul.. Although having bad layout and uninteresting inties, this zine have something special.. It feels close to have those untidy zines.. Recommended to those whom like to dig the deeper underground.. Kunter Kulu, Cumhuriyet Mah., Mimar Sinan Cd., Ulugazi Sk., No:4/8, Soğanlı-Bahçelievler/İstanbul-Turkey kunter49@hotmail.com
Have you ever read an Asian oriented metal zine.. Inties with Istıdraj, Antaeus, Maniac Butcher, Ordo Draconis, Tuatha De Danaan, Trail of Tears and some other Asian bands. In addition, a large report on Sabbat, a band from Japan. Steel Madness is a nice opprtunty for the metal heads living the europe and america. Well xeroxed 40 A4 pages zine has a satisfied number of reviews; as demo, cd, vinyl, compilations. Dive into the mostly asian and blackish bands.. Don't skip Steel Madness. c/o Syukri Ishak, 526 Laluan 37, Tmn Meru, 30020 Ipoh, Perak-Malaysia sumpahan@yahoo.com http://listen.to/SteelMadness
Bu sayı için elime geçen en iyi türkçe metal fanzin. Nedeni belli. Röportaj yaptığı grupların hepsini çok seviyorum. Uğraşılmış ve emek sarfedilmiş sorular epey hoşuma gitti. Berkay'ın eforunu takdir edip, bir kopya edinmek için adres aşağıda. 1750 + posta. [bu arada sanırım, tenebrarum artık sadece i-net ortamında bize zevk verecek :(( ] Berkay, P.K.5, Ege Üniversitesi, Bornova-İzmir tenebrarum.cjb.net; tenebrarumzine@yahoo.com
WHIZZBANGER Newsletter #1,2,3,4,5
A small and the nice newsletter in the size of 1 A4. Includes, articles and some infos.. Shannon also publishes a zine called Flashpoint. The newsletter is 1$ for N.America and 2$ for the rest of the earth. c/o Shannon Colebank, POB 5591, Portland OR 97228 U$A
The WHIZZBANGER Guide to Zine Distributors
A quite wextensive guide to the people who look for cool distros about literature, punk, HC and very little metal. Whizbanger is the organisation who presents you this thick guide with full of self-descriptions of lots of world wide distributors. A must for loyal undergrounders. [4$] c/o Shannon Colebank, POB 5591, Portland OR 97228 U$A
The new issue of this english written croation zine strikes you all with the alternatives on sexuality. articles about sexuality, pissing&shitting, global trafficing of women, antivivisection, history of anarchism in slovak countries are really interesting and informative. this magazine is pro-printed and 36 A4 pages. It is really cheap: 1$ or 1 Euro without postage. so, before sold out, grab your copy. c/o Petricevic, Teo; P.O. Box 18, HR-40315 M.SREDISCE, CROATIA: sexisbeautiful@inet.hr
156 #1 & #2
What does an underground zine from turkey about noiz mean to you.. Sick lay-out and cool bands have met in this zine. #1 has intierviews with Mastic Scum, Inhumate, Nomenmortis, Fate,Waterdown, Napalmed, Minor Threat etc. ; but #2 has Ignite, Day of Contempt, Crash inties.. So, it is quite nice zine loaded with some inties as well as little number of reviews. Last note: Onur needs to improve his English. c/o Onur Güzel, Hürriyet Mah., Adnan Kahveci Cad., Metem Birlik Sitesi B3-18, Yakacık-Kartal / İstanbul; onurguzel@mail.com


If you're into death metal and the current underground mainstrem stuff; it may be interesting and worths your attention.. Otherwise, just check out the list below and get one for your noisy friend as a birthday gift.. #6 Bands: Pandemia, Centinex, Forefather, Nifelheim, Whispering Gallery, Burial, Grim Force, Funeral Rites, Hin Onde, In Solitude, Machetazo, Macebre Omen, Motive, Enter Self, Impiety, Fuct the Facts, Osh, Ipsum, Prophet, Fury, Midnight Scream #7 Bands: Mind Snare, Anasarca, Noctuary, Inhumate, Sacred Sin, Surrender of Divinity, Fatal Portrait, Psychrist, Love History, Cattle Decapitation, Mantra, Cad, Astriaal, Divine Rapture, Martyr, the Fotgotten, Medulla Nocte, Stratuz, Lividity, Unsanctified, Destinity, 1917
ATLANTİDA vol.6 & vol.7
As usual Atlantida is her again. As the time passes, progression is seen in every area of the music; moreover in musical scene involving magazines, labels.. However, Atlantida keeps progressing and producing well-done releases. Just checking out the bands below will provide enough innformation to clarify your mind about what I said. vol.6 bands:Garden of Gods, Destinity, Epheles, Temple of Tiphareth, Mortifer, Dark Paramount, Immortal Rites, Legion, Glory, Sermon, Sacrist, Empower, Eneth, Gnome, Defacer, Unhealthy Dreams, On Frontier Harmonious vol.7 bands: Sacrificed, Degenerated, Empty, Morgain, The Firstborn, Uruk-hai, Kibosh Sibyl Kismet, Noctiflorous Thorns, Dark Serenity, Memories Of A Lost Soul, Unknown Serenity, Grimsthorns Forest, Darkfall, Trauma, A Perpetual Dying Mirror, Shade Works, New Era Art Maximum
This British CD has death undergrounders inside. Since some of them can be easily recognized, I have no tendency to introduce the bands. But, to tell the truth, some bands are really boring while some are really asskicker. Check out the list below. Bands: Meads of Asphodel, Old Forest, Thus Defiled, Zeus, Solace Denied, Antigone, Ewigkett, Unsilence, History of Guns, Epoch, Epitaph, Such Beautiful Sin, Paradox, Mithras, Skin Trench, Ligature, Subvexation, Killing Mode
This is an antimilitarsitic (so, silightly political) compilaton of musics and speeches all around the world. Mainly, ingredients are punk, ska, folk and rock bands which may not arouse interest in avarage metalheads. But, if you have a obsession to support the global antimlitarist network, go ahead and get one copy for yourself, one for your friend.. Peace News, 5 Caledonian Road, London N19DY, Britain www.peacenews.info
Absolutely a professional European death metal compliation. Alas with female vocal, Anceint Rites with their amazing sound, Rebaelliun with their killer music, Aeternus with a strong vocal style appear in this CD. Nice production, all bands worths to be checked out individually; especially Alas which is my fave in this compilation.. Bands: Alas, Ancient Rites, Rebaelliun, Aeternus, Sunseth Sphere
Arriving of this free sampler made me quite exciting of hearing the 'skullfucker' of the Hammerheart.. As you may guess from the name of the band, Macabre plays a kind of death-metal with a great dosage of hate in it.. Broken Hope greets you with their unmelodic deathmetalic noises.. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter starts in such a, say, gothic overture that is a clue about their pessimistic black melodies. Those Germans, really know how to get a great review from us. Meanwhile Die Apokalyptichen Reiter is surely the best of this compliation.. Severe Torture is a kind of filthydeathmetal with an not-understandable vocals.. Skip. Aeternus seems a powerful death-black band, with their well-constructed style.. Throneaeon is an another un-original death band.. Check them all without paying bucks, use your i-net or fave radio station.. Bands: Macabre, Broken Hope, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Severe Torture, Aeternus, Throneaon
OSKOREI magazine compilation issue 6
I'm straightly not satisfied with this CD. However, overhelming majority of the bands are quite new to me. Moreover, as usual, oskorei compiled the tracks occupied the extreme metal genre. As a last remark, check the bands, and make your desicion. I'd prefer not to spend to many times on it.. Bands: Shade Empire, MindGrinde, Necrocide, Pyscroptic, Aversa Sefira, Bralalalala, Gandalf, Riff Master General, Ferocity, Inbreed, Epoc of Unlight, Distrust, Deathbound, Endsun, Kratonas, Noctuary, Forlorn In Silence, Desspo Halleluja

cd and mc

ALGOL, gorgonus aura
I don't like to write reviews in the path with which i am not well acquainted.. Black&epic metal are not my faves.. But sometimes I like the musical structure and the power of the songs or.. Algol, is one of the bands I liked.. Melodic partitons that's enough to satisfy me; well-structured songs and -according to me- comic lyrics... These are the typical features of a black band.. Algol performs them all well. Recommended to all who follows the black metal scene, especially the one in the States..
AMON AMARTH, the crusher
That's it. Death Metal! To tell the truth, I haven't got so 'nice' death metal cult for a long time. So, I did missed some death metal... Thanx to the band's death metal addiction, Amon Amarth presents you such kinda bloody music. Drum skills of the band is highly appresicated; but don't skip the vox. Hey Utku, as you said, vocalist reminds me.. Huh!! By the way, listen to some Amon Amarth; but don't spend to much on them. Alright kids??...
ANGUISH, toward abysses
Well, nothing interesting and unique in its path comes again. I definetely look for something that i did not experinced before. But, Anguish still runs in the road of old doom-goth path that we were totally exhausted because of the Paradise Lost.. Nothing new. Next!..
ARCHAOS, centruies of obedience
Two guys forming Archaos write songs like opus of the gothic age. The shortest song has 12 minutes running time, whereas the longest has 15 minutes. Apart from the technical data, band plays something in which you can not feel comfortable. Although having poor composition, melodies and vocals make you feel depressed and lonely. But, to conclude, nothing more than boring synth metal.
ARCKANUM, boka vm kaos
Nothing more than boring black metal. Pass.
ARMORED SAINT, nod to the old school
The new release of the Armored Saint, somehow is not new. A few new songs, and mostly the olds songs. The new retrospective album of Armored Saint, can give you the taste of the old heavy metal delicious. Smart songsd and nice vocal in the vein of Judas Priest etc.. So, get up now old heavy metal fans.
ATROX, terrestrials
Schizophrenic metal?? Atorx coincides with this term exactly. Female vocal, non-metalic rock touches are the prior features in this music. Nevertheless, Atrox keeps the spirit that most of you already addicted to. The most challenging part of this CD is the following: 'How did they inspired?' So, put on your "brave-man dressings" and get some Atrox.
AZİZA A., benim dünyam
Baştan beri, Sonic Splendour projesinin bir müzik dergisi olduğunu vurguluyoruz. Aziza A. review'i de bu pencereden bakıldığında, müzik klasmanına girmey içoktan hak eden bir çalışma. 'Alamancı' bir kızımızın, gurbet ellerde kaydettiği bir hip-hop albüm. Hip-hop'un bilinen sığ sözlerine ve felsefesine sahip olmasına karşın, oryantal armonilerin ve ezgilerin, keza oryantal enstrümanlarla beraber iyice bir harmanlanması söz konusu. Edward Said oryantalizmi açısından bakıldığında es geçilmesi gereken bir çalışma olabilir ama, Doublemoon'un genel kalite ortalamasını göz önünde bulundurduğunuzda vasat diyemeyeceğiniz bire CD..
BLACK DAWN, blood for satan
Known riffs, usual themes anmd ordinary music. I don't understand why those guys make muısic instead of destroying Christianity. Hey, quit making music and burn some churches + mosques..
CARNIVAL IN COAL, fear not carnival in coal
Absolutely,C.i.C is the most surprising release of the Season of Mist.. The French duo, plays such kinda metal with psychodelic&punk tunes. Since you probably read our ideas and feelings about the band in the intie; no need to repeat them again. Well played and well producted an "a la Française" delight. An addictive must!
Hopeful!! The first thing flourish from this bad recorded CD is that. They give me the hope to wait for their debut. However, 2 songs in this CD-R are not suffiecint to predict about the future of the band. Vocals, guitars are quite good; so the communication of the band with you is rather proffessional. Brutal and sometimes scream voices come out.. Well guys, you are on the right path. www.courtyard.cjb.net; comablitz@hotmail.com
CRIMINAL, cancer
Do you know where Chile is? Those South Americans present you Sepulturaian death metal. Enjoyable and angry sounds with a mixture of metalic melodies will make you bang your head.. Maybe you'll feel like listening to Sepultura; but consider this album as the first step and prepare yourself for the future attacks of Criminal. Note that 31 minutes for 10 songs is quite short. CD comes with a nice PC/Mac interface..
DARKSIDE, cognitive dissonance
I like the music when it's different, well-thought, and nice recorded. But Darkside has more... Nice and catch melodies that make you feel dominated have the greatest part in compositon. Begining with an atmospheric intro and going on with extreme and unique sound; Darkside has lots of new aspects for the metalheads.
DESTRÖYER 666, cold steel..for ana iron age
The people who think they are the bulldozers of the metal are, again, back. I really cannot understand how a band can repeat itself again and again without lack of creativity. Deströyer 666, although it is quite famous among the stupid metal environments, is far from presenting sometihng original and new to you. So, cold steel.. could not pass the proficency examination. Raw metal is not my taste.
DIABOLIC, vengeance ascending
Diabolic's 3rd full lenght album is a must for the loyal followers of the extreme music scene. Faster than the thunder drums, play like Alzeihemer patiences guitars and a not-so-good vocals were endowed to my ears whereas they couldnot catch anything new. Diabolic is not able to satisfy most of you, as probably you get tired of the same things. Originality comes last in this album.
ECHOES FADING, any sense
Echoes Fading makes melodic metal. However, those guys have a loooong path in front of them to get the harmonic and melodic sence. Maybe a hopeful begining. I have no more guess for a 2 song demo. mbe 174, esat caddesi, 96/d, Kücükesat-Ankara/Turkey http://echoesfading.cjb.net; echoes_fading@hotmail.com
EIDOLON, hallowed apparition
Maybe, I get used to listeninig to power + thrash metal attacks. But Canadian Eidolon, plays it in its true veins. Energetic guitar riffs and heavy melodies are the prior features that heard immediately. A note: Eidolon has former King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover and former Infernal Majesty drummer Shawn Drover. Well, to sum up, you wil gain some nice music while hearing Eidolon.
A simple, non-original heavymetal that hardly satisfies us.. Simple guitar riffs in the vein of old NWBHM band did not flourish my interest on them. Although it's their 8th full-lenght, and they are quite known in the scene due to their 15-years history; those thrashy 'thrash' metal is not my cup of coffee.. Definetly, neither are you.. Only to the thrash maniacs, we might offer.
FLOWING TEARS, serpentine
To admit, we are too late for Flowing Tears who had already released 4 CD and a MCD go through its own way. As formerly Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers, band probably got acquinted to most of you all. Well, gothic-doom bands are hard to forget.. Because of the great success of the band, a great deal of Century Media helped them to spread their name easliy and widely. Moreover, tidy arranged and clearly composed; Flowing Tears makes its best to satisfy all classical goth audiences. Yet, the band has only ther simple and basic elements, not violins, pianos and synths. Female vocal (should I say Siren's voice that charmed the Odysseus?) is much more above the avarage. So kids, being enthusiased by an attractive and provoker by a Siren and saddened by the notes follow Flowing Tears.
GORELORD,Zombie Suicide Part:666
So called ultra death (!) metal with the same & usual stupid S.of.M. line-up.. I really find it disguasting while those guys have many many bands of which have no difference at all. Last words: It's really brutal and sick! I like it.
GRIFFIN, the slideshow
Some sort of heavy and power metal are included in this CD with -unfortunately- clear male vocals which is really boring and ordinary. Yet, the guitar riffs and the flowe of the melodies are OK, but in general, Griffin will be able to find audiences in the track of old-power metal. Season of Mist's good productionis not enough for them to last longer. Only a few of the songs are really worth listening to.
GRIMEGOD, with broken wings
Nothing special. Nothing more than an average doom MC. Although it has some catchy melodies and riffs; over all rating of this release is not high. Meybe, you may look for some another Romanian bands, eh! P.O.Box 10/101, 2900 Arad-Romania; http://witch.drak.net/grimegod
HADES, DamNation
Nice to hear that thrash still exists. Hades, despite the name of it, brings you something from the old thrash planet. Well performed, satisfied and catch are the very first thing which I get their music. But, you'd better try it for yourself. Note: CD has a nice cover concept.
ICON OF SIN, not my god
While attempintg to approach to musical theory, i would usually pick up the analytic ones; that's seperating the whole music coming out of the boombox into its subgroups or into elements i.e that are vocals, melodies, riffs etc.. But, Icon of Sin has really no such positive side provided you have the arguments like mine. Consequently, this album has nothing to do with neither professionalism nor underground spirit. So, no need to try. Even once....
I ME MINE, politisch verdachtig
Noise.... You like noise and industrial things.. Although, industrial is not my cup of coffee, that's me who will introduce you "i me mine". The records totally consits of samplers, programmers and some strange vocals that i really admired..Because the music (??!!) was recorde to a MC, the sound is not very quality, thus, what i hear is the some programmed rythms, sounds and a few vocals. To conclude, ia can recommend it only those who are in depths of electro underground. Black Orchid Productions, c/o Emil Mat'ko, Zelena 2/C, Banska Bystrica, 974 01 Slovakia www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/6458; matko@isternet.sk
Kürtçe müzik, ilginç olduğu kadar bu topraklarda yaşayan herkesin kulağına aşina. Yıllarca sürmüş olan savaşa rağmen, bu etnik müzik büyüdü. Şiwan Perwer'lerle, Civan Haco'larla yurtdışında epey bi kök saldı. Kardeş Türküler projesini hepimiz biliriz. Boğaziçi Gösteri Sanatları Topluluğunun Müzik biriminin bir oluşumu. Her ne kadar, dünya görüşlerinin ve CD bookletinde benimsetmeye çalıştıkları anlayışın 360 derece karşısında olsam da, müzikal anlamda "doğu"ya söyleyecek hiç bir şeyim yok. Kusursuz.
KRATOS, looking behind the mirror
What I mean by naming a band asa doom band is that, thay are the sound of grisf, melancholy and the blues. Somehow, this Romenian band attain the adjective of 'doom metal' band. Brutal vox, hard and easy melodies, are the bribes of Kratos to the Sonic team. Intersting for the melodic stuff addicts.
LYNCH LAW, struggle to survive
First, music seems avarage; but then the disgusting vocal enters and destroy your all hope. Since they conquer the most boring style of the metal, nothing new is here. Originality of the band and its quality is low whereas musical background is hopeful. Perhaps, they will manage to break down their limits with a revolution with a new release. To cantact the band: alphan@ematic.com, onurtaci@superonline.com
Band comes from South America with a nice produced demo.. Mar de Grises may be defined as hard music with some melodic touches. But to tell the truth, those touches didn't manage to satisfy me even tough they are well composed and well played.. The reason is, maybe, it was too slow; maybe it was not too impresive. But, the averall rating is, it is good in a manner that it deserves at least a chance for those who look for harmony, melody and some gloomy tunes.. Thanx Oscar!! mdg@vtr.net; www.mardegrises.cjb.net
MAYHEM, european legion CD "Season of Mist"
Mayhem is one of the best known black bands over here. So, for the fanaticks of them it's useless to say anything since they have already got it. But for the rest, Mayhem does not provide anything new.
MERCAN DEDE "Seyahatname"
Mercan Dede her ne kadar Kanada'da yaşasa da, DJ.lik geçmişini ve yeteneğini ve Anadolu müziklerinin sufi armonisini mistizimle mükemmel bir şekilde birleştirmiş. Elektronik müzik olarak sınıflandırılıyor olsa da, içindeki sufi öğeler ve ney sesi bu elektronik cızırtıların çok ötesinde bir aheng yaratıyor. Modern Dans Topluluğu'nun Seyahatname gösterisi için yapılmış müzikleri umarın bir gün gösteriyle birlikte izleme şansınız olur. Orhan Pamuk ve Evliya Çelebi tekstlerinin, cumhuriyetin ilanıyla birlikte faşizan bir şekilde öldürülen tasavvufla nasıl benzeştiğini, nasıl akıl ve duygunun binlerce yıl yaşadığını hissedebileceksiniz. www.mercan-dede.com
MERIDIAN, the seventh sun
Coming from Switzerland, the group indicates to a significant point: Suiss music has not arrived to a satisfying point yet. Consequently, usual riffs and drum attacks attracked my attention to another point as well; that's S.of.M has not discovered something special this time. Well, black metal and a bit of synth effects had been supposed to make this album 'original', 'unique' and 'weird'.. Altough, I was slightly optimistic this time, the album can not meet the expected originality requierments that was proposed by a melodic guy (that's me!). But, still they have some point. It's as hard as the usual black bands, and as well-produced as any S.of.M release.
METAROTH, tragedy
Hardcore influenced ordinary metal comes here.. Someone should tell them that, rhytms is not the unique qualification that makes the music hardcore. Meanwhile I don't know wheter the first song 'Global Shit' implies anything; but as I got from the tunes, band has something to say. But who cares?!! To sum up, nothing original, nothing a must is this CD. Thanx Ferdi passing this CD to me. www.metaroth.8m.com; metaroth@mynet.com
MEZZERSCHITT, Weltherrschaft
This mini-Cd has 4 four songs sung in German which, I think, fits metal music genres great. By the way, this conceptual Cd has an interesting feature: it was based on a interesting scenario:"An imaginary world that is derived from freedom and spirituality." In contrast, the album is said to be non-political. Thus, the theme of the scenario is dark and pessimist. Musically, we can easily define Mezzerschift (=tomorrow's dawn) as a black-dark project emerging from Norway. muisc have lots of effects and industiral tunes which make you feel that you were in a 3rd class science-fiction-horror movie with some weird stunts all over you. But the music is powerful and depressive which really fits into that story; story of a apocalypse.
'' Have yo ever pondered on Nietzche's phrase 'you must have chaos inside to give birth to a dancing star' ? Chaos and order. Aggressive fear of the unknown asipires to eliminate chaos is inextinguishable. There are always people capacle of interrelate with it.,, this was taken from the MC cover of the astroEpos. To tell the truth, i don't like those kind of extracts; a sort of deep (new age) mystism in MC covers. But, i think this example makes some sense. Now, the musical part.. astroEpos, as you will realize from thr name, has some 'astral' feelingsd which cannot be related with the furuistic cyber dimensions. What i hear gives me some mystic and new age atmosphere, that i hate politically. On the other hand, i feel as if i watch a stupid 60s sci-fic movie, that is really stupid. But when i feel the voltage between those two opposite polars, i felt that i, at least in some manner, was able to communicate with the music. The interaction that you will need to construct (when you feel and listen to the gaps in this records), may mislead you to some kind of schziophrenic dimensions; that i once performed. So, keep quite, and eat something while you are listening to it. contact Mikhail Atom: atom@deol.ru Black Orchid Productions, c/o Emil Mat'ko, Zelena 2/C, Banska Bystrica, 974 01 Slovakia www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/6458; matko@isternet.sk
mindMap, live:subterra
In these days, electronic music means a new and unusular gate to me. Due to its, unusual sound, this new experiment make me analyize the music better. Although, obvious dark wave influences can be observed easily, mindMap might be classified as electronix. If you have some prejudice against elesctronix, get rid of them and enjoy the non-vocal tunes of mindMap. One of the best I've ever listened to. Strongly recommended to those having metalheads. Black Orchid Productions, c/o Emil Mat'ko, Zelena 2/C, Banska Bystrica, 974 01 Slovakia www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/6458; matko@isternet.sk
MISTWEAVER, dream's domain
To tell the truth, I could not find anything interesting on this CD. This Portuguesen band plays soem kind of a technical death metal in the vein of Scandinavian death metal band. But, honestly, these guy had an overdose of Dark Tranquility. Ant band that skipped creativity cannot go further in Sonic Splendour. However, just listen to the song "the call", not more.
NAPALMED, misch masch miksasch
As most of you even don't care, there was a cult of DIY among the punks and punkish metalheads. Those kids were obsessed to do (nearly) everything on their own. Recording, production, cover design, promotion were all done by the band themselves. But, after the growing and tradization of the metal scene, this nice custom was suddenly disappered. At last, dug into the deep underground. And then, Napalmed is one of the projects which is totally DIY and totally underground. As we are hungry to the totally underground projects, we like it very much. But beyond from being an underground projects, I have more to say about it. The music is done with the tings like cables, plates etc. So, do not expects catchy guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Even, you will not hear a vocal. Furthermore, it is emphasized in the cover that "No PC, keryboards, sampler, mix-board, musical instruments". So we are faced with a different and weird project that totally imposiible to reject. Napalmed is the connecting line of the professional scene music and the folks who cannot make anything apart from listening to. So, if you have cable cords, plates and lots of enthusiasm and the talent; perhaps you may form a band and record something. Well, the sounds you will hear was at first unexpected, weird adn nonmelodic things. Probably, at first you will find it strange. And that's the pğoint I like. I really heard lots of music made without musical instruments but simple thngs like thrach bins, sticks, brooms. But, the most important part why we spend so many lines on Napalmed is that, it does no melodic structure and no melodic base. So, the sounds you heard is hardly compose a tidy image in your mind, and you will have to spend some time to identify this image. So, that's the point. ı really don't care if you will interested or not; but the folks follows the deep underground had already got the message. c/o Radek Kopel, Lipova 1123, 43401 Most, Czech Republic; napalmed@volny.cz
NECROPHAGIA, cannibal holocaust
Those Americans play death metal influenced by blackish tunes. Although it is a bit known among the balack fans, the prior things need to be mentioned is that Necraphagia is dominating the undergruond death metal area since 1986. Cool riffs and panic atack vocals will kill you, unless you like them. Prefaberable.
NIGHTLY GALE, ...and Jesus wept
After their interesting "Erotica"; I was really wondering what might be the next. Now we have "..and Jesus wept". It's as industrial as the previous one; but not as enthusiastic as the previous one. Perhaps, the effort which was spent on this is not hopeful. But whatver the reason, i did not like it so much; not because the non-metalic elements it has. By the way, we feel realy tired when coming up to looong tracks. The shortest track of this album is 9' 16'' ; whereas the longest is 14' 48''.
NOTRE DAME, nightmare before christmas
1999 dated nighmare before christmas, welcomes you with a really professional melodic structure as well as a great gothic influences. Notre Dame has a great and fantastic image, as in any gothic subculture, but also more. Although commonly, classsified as black metal cult, Notre Dame, serve something quite different. The band has some clear vocal partitions, well produced sound as well as the lyrics about the boring oracle Nostradamus.. But, overall, Notre Dame is one of the biggest atackt of Osmose. Unsatisfying listeners must get it immediately. Honest.
OVS, scaracco
Schizophrenic metal and dark music offers you a Lech band, namely Omnivorous. As easile be understood from its name Ovs has everything inside, yet the nothing outside maybe. Onthology works and proves us that it has nothing in it. Musically Ovs, serve you melodies which is rock based but, gloomy tuned. However, electronic machines were used in this album. Drum machine and synth may upset you. But, to tell the truth they were well combined, well structured. It would be nice to ship to the other branches/rivers.. Black Orchid Productions, c/o Emil Mat'ko, Zelena 2/C, Banska Bystrica, 974 01 Slovakia www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/6458; matko@isternet.sk
POUNDHOUND, pineappleskunk
Although we know the label Metal Blade as an 'old heavy metal publisher', release of Poundhound made us wrong fortunately.. Poundhound is the self project of singer/bassist Doug Pinnick of King's X. Doug with a drummer [Jerry Gaskill of King's X] created something more than you expected. Perfectly constructed songs with a groove background and clear vocals, is the definition you will get from the CD. Keep in mind that, it is one of the most recommended records of this attack of Sonic Splendour supremecy.
RHONDIAN, fact-or-your fiction?
It was an enjoyable music with lots of technological touches in background. Rhondian has a female vox that makes it some more interesting. In terms of melodical compositions that I look for strictly; I immediately emphasize the point that, Rhondian is both cyber and experimental tendencies. What I observed first is that, the band is harmonically and technically above the avarage. The usage of basses and the electronix touches are in balance that makes you feel comforteble with your boombox. Moreover, there are quite heavy compositons that is also enriched with significant electronic interventios. That's why I like it.. Creative. . Black Orchid Productions, c/o Emil Mat'ko, Zelena 2/C, Banska Bystrica, 974 01 Slovakia www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/6458; matko@isternet.sk
SERENITY, the name
Hey folks; here comes an interesting band but not-so-good from Romania. One call its music as mysthic-metal since it has some far-east kind melodies and a Hindu guru on its cover picture. Havingf both male&female vox and well-written keyboard partitionsa are the positive sides. But, overall, this nothing special band does not deserve your enthusiasm and attention. New Age infected [an hard-treatened virus over all the earth], not-energetic band with a few nice melodies. Don't think too much..
I met Somber Serenity thru various compilations. Some songs are really wide-ranged used. And that's it... Real metal with the real melodic touches as well as the brutality reigns.. Apart from the real metal screams; Somber Serenity has a lot to do with music. Satisfied vocals, balanced use of hard and not-hard riffs are some clues about the band's musical background. I'm highly satisfied with this work.
TACTILE GEMMA, psychedelic heavenly voices
Some may claim that, there is an end for the metal music.. As the time passes, people changes; so does their music. It's same as the labels.. Season of Mist whose known as blackish label, launches materials that is far more beyond the metalic borders. Tactile Gemma, tells you that, metal music had already arrived to an end. Their New Age and electronic influenced music opens some kinda new doors to you. Although you may get bored with the female vox, T.G. has something different in their "Blackberry Jam".. On the other hand, compositon of the songs are somehow too plain. A drum machine and a synth make the all work.. I think it must be enriched.
TERMINAL DESCENT, manifesting the present
I came along with T.D. with their DIY promo CD-R in my mail-box. Low quality production and the avarage songs were introduced to my ears. Sounds vary in gore-grind and death core, which you have probably acquitant from usual bands. Nice for a debut. Give them a chance, not more..
THE CREST, letters from fire
Season of Mist, as a extreme music label, surprised me much more this year. Some non-metal releases were introduced to the folks. I hope it is not a commercial strategy to earn more. However, it does not attect the quality of "The Crest". The Crest is a dark-rock band that produced some easy come-easy go melodies. Clear sound and easy-rememberd music make the band unique. Those Norwegians also provide you a smooth way to discover the gothic beauty. Hey folks, don't forget Gothic is beautiful. Forever, eternal.
THE MADRIGAL, undertow of loneliness demo
THe Madrigal is a fresh doom band from turkey. U.of L. is their first demo with a bad production. Besides the negative sides of DIY than the those of professional productions; [I don't know why] this new band give me some hope. Their music is somehow usual among the westerne ecole, but when conmsider it within the turkish borders, it is Ok. Although turkish scene is too slow to improve and the folks are quite lazy, i may feel upset in the future. But, first of all, vox emergently need to be improvement since they are really bad. Thanx to the drummer Saygin for passing this demo to me. Note that, CD version has a little better sound quality. madrigalweb.cjb.net; madrigaltr@hotmail.com
THE VENUS FLY TRAP, dark amour
Those Britons welocome you a kind of dark emotinos with synthetic sounds. At first, it can be seen weird, bu after some turns, I am sure that you will like, love and adore The Venus Fly Trap. Melodically and compositionally, TVFT is completely great. To tell the truth, I did not know how great music can be created with some programing, some psycho vocal and some great bass partitions. Then, the band offers you the melodies which i am rather acquianted and that i like. So, skipping this would be a missing. Black Orchid Productions, c/o Emil Mat'ko, Zelena 2/C, Banska Bystrica, 974 01 Slovakia www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/6458; matko@isternet.sk
TO DIE FOR, epilogue
Opera starts with an impressing doom opus, Crimson Twins. By the way, the CD does not include many songs like it. As most, pessimist melodic band, t.d.f can not stop itself without bore you. On ther other hand, some -so call- speedy songs and guitar riffs, seems like a promotional sellng tactic. So, think twice. VIKING CROWN, banished rhythmic hate Weird sounds and other all non-musical stuff had been gathered in this CD. Havinh Phil Anselmo of Pantera on vocals is not enough to satisfy an avarage metal listener. I even could nor realize why Season of Mist spent money on it. Pass or lose waste your time.
WHIP, head
Whip is an industrial band from Italy; and this release is recorded in 1994 which is rather old. Why we review this is simple: It's different.Whip is one of the non-pure-metal release of Black Orchid. Whip, is rather hard and rather catchy in terms of melodies. Nice compositons with the sounds like guitars and samples make you enjoy the band. Moreover, for those who are curious about the "other-forms", sholud not skip Whip. Black Orchid Productions, c/o Emil Mat'ko, Zelena 2/C, Banska Bystrica, 974 01 Slovakia www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Balcony/6458; matko@isternet.sk
WURDULAK, severed eyes of possession
Look at the line-up: Killjoy (Necrophagia, Ravenous), Maniac (Mayhem), Frediablo (Gorelord), Ihizahg, Fug and Iscariah (Immortal, Pain).. Interesting, isn't it? Well, that's all for this release. No need to talk about the music.