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Can: Hello Barry! How do you feel in those approaching cold winter days? Gloomier or happy as a pig… If you’re happy, could you please explain our sad readers how a doomy guy becomes happy?
Approaching the cold winter day's I feel gloomy as a pig. Did you know a pig has an orgasm of half an hour!?! How a doomy guy becomes happy??? I know that playing in this band makes my happy. So doomy readers who are feeling gloomy: "START A BAND!"

Why don’t you give us a little bio of the band including the current line up, recent decisions taken about the carriers of the members in the band…
For bio, see next e-mail... For some current information (and this is exclusive !): Pascal Spierings, the drummer, is leaving the band. Because he is too often (personal) occupied for a forthcoming gig, he had chosen to leave the band, because he knew that way he would hold the band down and he wishes only the best for the band. The band already has a new drummer on eye, and is checking out the possibilities

How do you describe your music for our fresh readers who don’t know anything about Whispering Gallery?
Better to listen than to subscribe, but if you insist, metal with influences from a lot of styles.

Which gallery whispers to you? Huh.. (I really wonder how you will answer this shit, the silliest question ever in the history of SONIC SPLENDOUR)
Sometimes you'll hear a gallery whisper to you... a gallery of sounds, a gallery of melody, a gallery of voices, a gallery of music, a gallery of paintings, a gallery of explicit pure hard porn... there are several, it could be anything, so you'll never know what will come up...

Where does the interesting name Whispering Gallery come from? Does it have any meaning?
The interesting name whispering gallery comes from Great Britain, England, the Saint Paul Cathedral. They have got a gallery and if you on whisper one side of the wall you can hear it clear on the other side. But besides the history behind the name, we just thought that it would be a good band-name.

Won’t you tell us something about the period, between Poems of a Forgotten Dream (their first mcd,for the review, see SONIC SPLENDOUR#1) and your first full-lenght album Like a Dream of Neverending Beauty… Love never dies…
I would also like to refer to the bio for this information.

Let’s talk about Like a Dream of Neverending Beauty… Love never dies… What’s the perspective behind it? I mean what did you fell during the creations period of it, what were your aims for instance becoming a major band leaving the underground forever, as Moonspell did -my shits go to moonspell-, or anything else..
The perspective behind Like a dream of never-ending beauty... love never dies was to make a good cd, to become a major band, make a lot of money, having all the chicks you want and never have to work again. But unfortunalty we have not reached that yet. Maybe that because of the stress we had created for our selves, what was a result of the fact that we had already booked the studio before we had all the material finished. So some of it was created in the studio at the time recording.

The lyrics of Like a Dream of Neverending Beauty… Love never dies… smell sadness and melancholia.. In real world, are you sad as in yours lyrics. I really wonder, why the bands write so sad sentences for their songs. I don’t believe that they are really melancholic as in their lyrics. Sometimes it seems to me that people writes gloomy lyrics just in order to sell more albums. Please give an answer which may make me satisfied . (I know you are not the one who writes the lyrics, but I thought that you can answer this)
The lyrics indeed have a wink to melo-drama, but there's always hope in them. In real life it is not that everything is constantly as sad as in the lyrics (or has that much hope in it). But we can all recognize the feeling it embraces. And if you can bring out that feeling in your music maybe you can be happier in "real" life.

Whispering Gallery has two kinds of vocals: grunt and clear. Why?
Whispering gallery has different kinds of vocals because that way it is possible to create more moods as we feel that the vocals are like instruments.

Who are your influences (please answer as personally and as Whispering Gallery)?
What is your top10 at the moment?
Everyone, off course, has his own influences. So there for every one has writed down their own influences and or favourite bands. Reinier:1. Kiss, 2. Iron Maiden,3. Candlemass Pascal:1. Kiss,2. Queen,3. Iron Maiden Hubert:1. Ozzy & Randy Roads, 2. Black Sabbath, 3. Baroque music (Vivaldi, Corelli, Scarlatty) 4. Death (Spiritual Healing) Barry: My major influence was and still is My Dying Bride. William: All time favourites: 1. Iron Maiden, 2. Death, 3. My Dying Bride Williams' Top Two at the moment: 1. Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World, 2. Dark Tranquillity - Haven, Fred:I was influenced by the piano we had back home and I like to listen to different kinds off music.

How do you consider the promotion of Killerwhale Records? Is it enough according to you? As I know, Killerwhale is one of the leading metal labels launching melodic stuff there in Holland.
The label is broke and we have had some arguments with each other.

What do you think about the current underground scene in the Earth?
Damn pig! half an hour!!! (it's not fair)

What do you know about the Turkish underground scene? Nothing or few things..
No, sorry, we don't know much about the Turkish underground scene, except for the information in the quest book of www.officiumtriste.com

As we know, in Holland, government sponsors the musical events, concerts, and festivals. So there is a great financial aid of the government. Is it true? If it is true, does it effect your musical independence? Lastly, do the aids make it easier to create the music and organizing gigs, festivals?
No, it is not that great but there are some, for example the rehearsal studios who gets government money. But it doesn't affect any musical independence. Beside the aids, music is about music and not about money.

Holland is a very little country with respect to its surface area; and there are/were lots of festivals like major Dynamo. What made it possibble/easy having such a big and important underground scene.
Ik denk omdat er veel vraag naar is.

I think, the most important and the revaluationist change occurred in underground in last few years, is the frequent usage of internet, mp3 and e-zines; meaning the domination of Hi-Tech in our life and in our global underground culture. For instance, when I sit in front of the PC checking my e-mail inbox, I may find the new song of an unknown band from Malaysia (in fact, lastly I found a shitty mp3 in my inbox from Malaysia). What do you think about the negative and (if there is) positive sides of technology, regarding Internet, mp3, e-zines…
It can be used positive, and what if you find out some good shit from bob knows where, bijvoorbeeld uit Nederland and what about this interview!

Holland is a rich country with tons of freedom (!) (In fact, I don’t think that they are freedom. No freedom can be given by the government ). So as a Nederländer and a metalhead, how do you evaluate the global rebellion against the capitalism/globalism. Do you remember the “Carnival Against the Capitalism” in Seattle; and Praha (Prag) Carnival… What are your opinions? [We, as SONIC SPLENDOUR, support the “Carnival Against the Capitalism”]
Yeah! Peace man! (I still can't believe it, 30 minutes!) and also ...sssiii$$$IIISSSIII$$$iiisss... not to forget: {{{__________(____() excuse me while I light my cigarette, would you like a cup of tea LI?

Who won the elections held in the USA –the United Shits of America- ??
Do you know? Did you know a pig has an orgasm of half an hour!?! PPPFFF

When will you invite SONIC SPLENDOUR team to Holland? (or just nevermind Utku, when will you invite me and my girlfriend?)...
When we will invite you guys over? Tell me about your girlfriend first... hah [Wherver I See you Barry, I will rape you (CAN)]

Any last words for this funny and useful interview for the promotion of Whispering Gallery (This interview will probably end the carrier of W.G., hah hah hah…)…
Any last words? uh, I thought I already had told you about that pig so... ;0)