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Sapık İnek Interview

Can Başkent

logic and the rest...



Can & Utku: Hi Barish,what's up with...hey will you sit here yourself or should we convince you peacefully?OK,please tell us something about band's history,an interesting deatil from gigs,your future plans,the reason of choosing such a weird name aannd...forget all man:)Which disc is turning now at your stereo?
hi baby..do ı have to smile when you make those silly jokes?.. İ must inform you at the begining that we are a serious band..so be carefull with your questions..(how about my charisma ıntroduction)..ım bored of telling about our history and future plans so no comments about those..the only think ı wanna say is album will be out in summer..funny detail from our gigs, ın some scholl girl skirts are thrown to my face..ı smell them and we started to play 'smells like teen pussy'...hmm ım listening death-sound of perseverance now

How's everything going at Sapikinek camp?You three, still have enough love to each other to keep it fucking sick?
everything going well now..okan and ı are close friends for 7 years..and ismail has a patisserie(they have a special desert called 'pilita sarma' thats the only reason why ismail in the group) so things are allright..ohh ı ve forgotten ismail sometimes start talking like ım bored of this music ı wanna make jazz..at those moments we make him to listen suffocation and he came back to life.

After the release of Smells Like teen Pussy,semi-consciously there has been a huge publicity about the band.I would like to ask how did labels react to this fact,has any of them ofered a deal?
labels are not interested in popularity ın this scene..maybe we are popular now but still we made grind core and ıts not a trendy bullshit like black metal or punk..ın turkey you know how things are happening..in summer we started to studios..and our album will be out by the end of summer..for the time being our label is zoo music.

What Sapikinek performs is far from straight forward grind core;maybe an enjoyable blend of diverse melodies, samples, lots of fun and ganja...I've the impression that you have got extraordinary sources of inspiration. Could you please briefly describe the process of creating a new track?
mainly me and okan found riffs at home..but we never made a song or completely written a song at home by ourselves..we found only riffs and went to studio..we started to make ımprovisation and the riffs found in home started to fit in..and finally we made the songs from those sessions.

Without a doubt japan is one of the most developed(!) countries in terms of teen pornography. Don't you sometimes feel that your releases would do great job in japanese market, a split with CSSO for instance?!
csso is one of the bands which ı love most..we want to make a split with them..both in mind and in music we are very similar with those dudes.. a friend of us is dealing with these split he is working to make it possible..ı hope he will be succesfull

Ubermensch is a notion which is often exploited by black metal bands.In this sense what do you think the connection between Sapikinek and Herr Friedrich N.is?
there are many idiot people in the society . nietzche is a philosopher which can be easily misunderstood because he made brainstorming while writing his books. many people reads one of his books or 'niçe ağladığında' and claims that he or she (but especially she) understnd his thoughts. that is completely bullshit. hitler is such an idiot too. first of all there are no perfect person and being perfect nothing to do with religion or nationality. secondly if we insist on creating such person it can be achieved only with proper scientific and philosophical education not by killing each other.

I guess to be a rockstar is something pretty easy in your country:P Has Sapikinek got such a tendency,I mean does "millenium idols" sound cool to you??
uehheueh ıts easy yeah. if you are a poser you will be one. sapıkinek is not a poser group or is not making a trendy music. but the interesting part is we will be one because people are started to get bored of posers and want to see people like us.we will be rockstars uheue. drinking jack daniels and sleep with models. sounds cool!!

Fatih Terim mi,Tinaz Tirpan mi?
uehue of course tınaz tırpan...he is the father of our drummer..can fatih terim trains a great drummer like ismail? of course no!

What do you think about the spreading Pokemon-mania,can it be considered as a real threat for mighty Teletubbies cult?
pokemon is absolute bullshit. they are trendy. they are for the ıdıots. they are not cute. ..how can such a cartoon including violence in it be the most popular one?..the childs groving with such programs will be..will be... will be playing poser black metal in the future..but look to those cute teletubbies..they are running on the grass playing with rabbits..they dont have enemies..ıt is needed because we are living in a wild world (long live cat stevens), it is better to watch news rather than pokemon shit.

I've recently heard you dismissed your famous high school girl choir and eventually decided to work with Ankara philharmonic orchestra...oopps we seem to lose track!Anyway when should we expect a debut from you?
in the summer we made the recordings and it will be out in september or around those days.

In order to talk about the underground solidarity in Turkey,I would like to learn your perceptions&comments,does underground still have that soul?
hmmm ım bored of that question so it is enough to say 'ı dont think so'

As a "soon to be a victim"of same shit,what are the basic lacks that prevent Turkish groups from an international breakthrough?
turkish girls are beatiful hot and good in bed. so there is no need to be popular in an another country. this thought prevents that breakthrough..musicians are completely satisfied. uheuheuhe

Women are...(olm gaza gelip ...bitches filan yazarsin sen shimdi)
cool fools.

So here's the drastic question:would you keep singing about teens if you had a young&pretty sister>:)
uehuhe..ı have cousens..but ıt wont make any difference..sex within family is totally sucks..ı think the most disgusting think within all psychotic thinks (by the way the other two are raping and necrophilia)..hmm and also we are not child lovers and completely against the child porn..we are talkin about teens and it is started from the age 17(in some cases 16) and end up with 21 in our sense.

Thanx a lot dude.Do you have any final preachings?
buzbağ is the best wine of our country and a girl must have white skin, blue eyes,red hair, big tits and ass(but itmust hard also), thin body.if you are such a girl ım freee lets drink our buzbağ s together.heuheuuhe