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Bringing Tolerance to a Country...

Can Başkent

logic and the rest...



When I try to concentrate on the issues of the contemporary problems of the earth and of the humanity, the very first things coming to my mind that should be changed immediately are the followings:
1- Oppressions on the freedom
2- Dominance of the violence
3- Discrimination to sexual identities

Why I come up with this list, lies on the realities of the country in which I live. I live in Turkey, a country in which young women are killed for they had sex with someone. I assume that, most of you have heard about the murders of honour in Turkey. So, no need to repeat those disgusting stuff again here.

The main concern of this article is the second one: Violence.

The deep effect of the violence is seen on the cultural concept of a country. So, analyzing it, changing it and revolving it may open us some more new doors, namely a higher possiblity of the free society.

Reclaiming and creating the society as we wish, needs a non-violent method; because of the both political and ethical concerns. Non-violence means 'not-to-use violence' in order to create something or to resist against something.

Although, I'm writing this article form a violent country to a Briton zine where a deep non-violent culture had been flourished long times ago; my first aim is to meet you a different condition. -Such a condition that non-violence methods are hard to apply.

Most friends talk about the impossibility of non-violence in our social construction and culture. Many of them identifies themselves as anarchist. Seem weird? But, it is usual in our violent-based society..


Many antiautheriterians aggry with the restricted use of the violence; for instance breaking the glasses of the cars, sabotaging some power stations etc.. But, I think all of us agree on to refuse to act violently to the people whether even they are nazi bullshit or racist. Remember; violent is their method; not ours.


Just, consider the facts written above, and try to apply them in Turkey [or in any 3rd world country].. It's even hard to walk on roads for the women with miniskirt [high risk of sexual harrasment], so our misssion is far much beyond the perception of many activist who do not consider the problems in daily life. It's too hard to find a vegan restaurant in Turkey, so we have a looong road to reach a society we dream on.


What to do.. Just stand up, and organise for your local non-violent revolution. And don't forget to keep them all on.