The main purpose of this web site is to collect all my written works which appeared in various books, magazines, fanzines, webzines, web sites, and scholarly publications since 1999. My articles for general public are organized into different categories that are accessible from the menu-bar on the right. In order to get access to a detailed list of my academic publications, go to the "Logic" section. For more information on the books I wrote, edited or contributed to, please click to the "Books".

Aside, I manage an e-Book publishing house, Propaganda Press, that focuses on socio-political monographs and collected essays written in Turkish.

And, finally, I do not and will not have any existence in social media (no facebook, no twitter, no google+), so the only way to reach me is to send me a message. We'd like to remind you that this webpage is responsive, and should work well with small screens. Under normal conditions, the webpage requires minimum 1024px width resolution for optimum viewing.

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