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My new paper "A Yabloesque Paradox in Epistemic Game Theory" just apperared in Synthese. You can download the paper from Synthese, it is open-access. The paper discusses a non-self-referential paradox in epistemic game theory for infinitary players that I came up with. A fun read!

I will be teaching An Introduction to Paraconsistent Logic and its Applications at ESSLLI 2018 . It will be an introductory course in the Logic and Computation (LoCo) stream, discussing paraconsistent logics from an application oriented point-of-view. Please take a look at the abstract, tentative outline and the reading list to get an idea of the course. Do feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

Kutu Kola


Sağda solda, yurtdışında falan adımın teneke kutu olarak söylenmesi bıktırınca, oturdum TDK başkanına mektup yazdım birkaç yıl önce...