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Lecture Notes


"An Introduction to Paraconsistent Logic and its Applications", August 2018. 30th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2018) , The University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria.

 abstract  slides day 1  slides day 2  slides day 3  slides day 4  slides day 5

The abstract and the reading list is available now. The lecture notes/slides will be made available some weeks before the class.


"Paraconsistency and Games", April 2016. CLE, University of Campinas, Campinas - Brasil.  slides


"A Quick Introduction to Dynamic Logic", July 2010. Istanbul International Graduate Summer School in Modal Logic and Its Applications, Istanbul Kultur University, Istanbul - Turkey.  lecture notes


"A Mathematical Introduction to Modal Logic", July 2009. Turkish Mathematical Society Summer School, Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince - Turkey.  lecture notes