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Sex and love must be together. You see, most people think that sex is an aim. Yeah, it seems true in our hierarchic societies. Because the sexuality is the only power which people have, and they use it for controlling and giving commands to others. If you had realised that life is a battle for power and strength, you would use all you have, for reaching that power and stregth. You would even use your sexuality -vagina or penis- for it. But if you had realised that life is sharing the power, strength and also sexuality, you would use all your power for being happier. You have sex for happiness, not just for the sexual enjoyments on the surface. Touching brings you happiness...

But your partner should be a very specila person. You can't share your emotions, opinions with a person in the street. Do not forget that we should feel the happiness all over our being. Sex is a kind of happiness. But with your emotions..

What passes through your mind while you are having sex? Trying to have more enjoyment? Trying to be much happier? Or trying to use your sexual power against your partner to control him/her? Unfortunately, our economic system influences our entire life, even our sexuality. Some of us, use thier sexuality for monetary benefits. Earning much is our aim. We even earn by selling our sexuality to some web sites, mags, TVs..

As far as I can see, the only way for not being so corrupt person, we should break free from the contemporary system. Establish your own society, print your own zines, and create your own underground culture.

Philosophy of sex does not exist any more..

Have you ever had sex by reciting poems to your partner? Have you ever involved emotions, art or philosophy to your sex?


You'll see that things will become better...