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Can: Hello. Please begin with a nice intro: A short history of Napalmed, some nice experiences and a funny memory..
Hi Can and readers of SONIC SPLENDOUR zine! NAPALMED band was formed in the mid `94. Since that time we make noise, show live performances and try to be active in the underground... Nothing special, no extra experiences and/or funny memory to say. I'm in touch with many people all around the world, most of them are good friends of mine, even we never met.

Is Napalmed a one-man project? If yes, isn't it so hard to cope with everything??
NAPALMED is not a project. We are "normal" 5 piece band at the moment. Line-up is changed from time to time, but we are a band. True is I made some "studio" recordings by myself only, but all live performances are complete works.

How are the reactions to your music? I think, people generally react negatively towards the unusual musical compositons.
You are absolutely right. There are still so many people who don't understand to the stuff which is different from music. It is hard way to find a true fans of noise/industrial/etc, but no need to be hurry.

I consider Napalmed as a "modern D.I.Y.". In the past, punk people make DIY with just a few simple guitar chords and in home studios. Similarly, Napalmed behaves in same way. You compose the music with some simple devices instead.
Things could be describe as you did. I try to do all by myself in the 'D.I.Y.' way. Of course we can use some musical instruments, but there are many old strange things we use as well, so why to pay for the expensive guitars, drums, etc. We create with many effects, microphones, but I always buy these as a second hand stuff in the good condition for the fair price.

What is your influences and inspirations? And please add your top 10...
My inspiraion from the beginning are: ANAL CUNT, VOIVOD, NAKED CITY, GEROGERIGEGEGE, MEAT SHITS, EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN, LOU REED (Metal Machine Music), BOREDOMS, NAPALM DEATH, MERZBOW, MERCILESS NOISE, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, VENTILATOR, HANS WURST, WHO, japanese scene at all, czech "bigbit" music 60. `til now, minimalism, world music, jazz, electronic and many, Many, MANY more. No top 10, sorry. I listen to the tons of music each day, so the list is changed often.

What is the meaning and secret for you to use daily tools such as cable cords, plastic bags, glass plates, pots as a musical instrument?
As I answered some lines before... no need to pay hard money for the new expensive stuff, when all thing make vibrations and sounds. This is our way of experimentation.

Are your compositons recorded improvised?
Of course all is spontaneously improvised. There is only some simple concept, time plan, ...

Meanwhile, you serve as a distributor to the underground scene worldwide. So, you are very active in underground scene. But, how do you consider the current underground scene and people both globally and locally..
Thanx for the words... I like to "consume" various sounds, so to run a distribution is the best way how to find them. I trade a lot, mostly the small unknown bands, listen to them, sell or re-trade some of them. I think no extra differencies (except economical situations) between 'global' and 'local' underground scene.

Czech scene is very popular in Europe. So, are the sales of the CDs and MCs satisfiable relatively yours popularity.
You probably mean the Czech metal/core scene, which is popular for sure. This is the truth, I think... Problem is, we are very small country to sell many items. The things depend on the fact how the each band means to do its music, if to sell many stuff or to do a hobby. I make some money in the last years from the distribution, but I don't buy a dolby-surround equipment, but I release our first full lenght album. #1000 copies were made, and about 400 copies will be spread as a promo copy to zines, etc.

How were you first involved in underground?
It was sometime in the deep 80s. I start to cooperate with the local metal bands as like KREVEL, HLAHOL. Later I started communication with the new label of these times NUCLEAR BLAST, MORBID, WILD RAGS, MALODOROUS MANGLED INNARDS and many others. Some of them are R.I.P., some don't communicate with the small band/distro/label NAPALMED., but not problem at all as I found new pals.

What is the question you most want to be asked in an interview?
Really don't know. I like the clever questions, if the editor is 'on our side'.

Yet, what's your most hated question you never answer?
I always answer all questions about my activities, except the personal ones.

What do you know about the Turkish music. Did you experience any?
I'm specialised more and more in the experimental scene and therefor no contacts. If I remember right I wrote with some grind bands, one of them was SAKIPINEK or so. It isn't possible to keep them all in mind as I write 10-15 paper letters about 100 e-mails per day. More than 7.000 contacts in my address book. But now problem to start communication with new active people (mainly from experimental scene). Ask Can for the promotional flyers and write me.

Any last words.
I'm very sorry about my bad english. Long time ago I learned it. People feel free to contact me. Industrial/noise is nice, try it! Of course we can add your contact at our web site.

Thanks for this short interview you. I thank you for your help and activity. Radek Kopel Lipova 1123 434 01 Most CZECH REPUBLIC napalmed@volny.cz http://www.napalweb.host.sk